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OmniDB 3.0.3 Beta

Release Date: December 17, 2020

Release Notes

  • New features:

    • PostgreSQL 13 support
    • Database structure tree and Properties/DDL tabs with support to additional PostgreSQL objects
    • Option to use Active Directory / LDAP to authenticate OmniDB's users
    • Option to use PostgreSQL as OmniDB's backend database
    • Additional monitoring units
    • Omnis UI helper component (offering walkthroughs)
    • OmniDB's own graphical explain component (displaying Explain and Explain Analyze)
    • Option to share connections between OmniDB users
  • Improvements:

    • Core Changes
    • ~~Websocket~~ > Long Polling
    • Better handling of database connections, reusing connection when appropriate
    • Shared tunnels
    • Updated python and javascript libraries (security + stability)
    • ~~Electron~~ > NWJS (New desktop technology)
    • Enhanced shortcuts, allowing users to maintain shortcuts per OS
    • UX/UI improvements for several elements (Connections management, Autocomplete, Global snippet panel with quick-[save/load], contextual menus).
  • 3.0.1 changes

    • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue in the long polling mechanism
    • Dark theme colors on autocomplete selection
    • Improvements
    • Added snippets and custom monitoring units to the OmniDB 2 to 3 automatic migration process
  • 3.0.2 changes

    • Re-included
    • Explain visualizer component from OmniDB 2.x
    • Shortcuts for issueing Explain and Explain Analyze
    • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed missing dark theme colors on connection results when in full-view
    • Fixed conflict between the z-index of the new explain visualizer and the database tree context menus
    • Improvements
    • Added a toggle to switch between the old and new explain components
    • Improved client-side CPU usage performance (browser rendering gpu-intensive processes)
    • Added a new node-spin loading icon for dark themes with improved visibility
  • 3.0.3 changes

    • Bug Fixes
    • Query Tab: Fixed editor key behaviours related to up/down arrows (skipping rows, text selection, text shifting, text indenting)
    • Console Tab: Fixed issue describe command for tables in PostgreSQL 12+
    • Console Tab: Fixed background theme color on console output when changing themes
    • Improvements
    • Reduced chances of having OmniDB being flagged as a threat by security tools (false-positives)
    • Outer Menu: Improved layout and behaviour, providing better awareness of the context
    • Result Grid: Improved resizing behaviours
    • Added password option on --createconnection


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