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Ogmo Editor 3

Open Source 2D level editor written in Haxe!

For more information, check out the Ogmo 3 homepage. Or just go straight to the downloads page! If you need a build for 32 bit Windows, @vontoGH has graciously made them available here!

Getting Started

This project requires Haxe v4.0.0 or later, Node v10+, and various dependencies for each of them.



  • Install Haxe
  • Run the following commands:
    haxelib setup
    haxelib install electron 12.0.4
    haxelib install jQueryExtern
    haxelib install haxe-loader


npm i
npm run build

This builds the App and puts it in the

directory. You can then start the app by running
npm start
, or by starting electron in the directory.


Speed up development by using Webpack's dev server! Running

npm run dev
builds the app, starts a server that will watch for changes in the project, then starts electron. If changes are found, Webpack will rebuild the source and refresh the app. If there are errors, they will show up in the app's DevTools.

While running the dev server, all code that is within

#if debug
conditionals are added in.

NOTES: * Changes to

are not watched, and the app will need to manually be rebuilt if changes are made there. * The app will need to be rebuilt normally (
npm run build
) in order to run it again after using the dev server.


npm i
npm run build
npm run dist

This builds, then packages the App into an executable.


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