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Odoo web client UI related addons

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Web addons for Odoo

This project aims to deal with modules related to the webclient of Odoo. You'll find modules that:

  • Add facilities to the UI
  • Add widgets
  • Ease the import/export features
  • Generally add clientside functionality

Available addons


version maintainers summary
webaccessrule_buttons Disable Edit button if access rules prevent this action
webactionconditionable webactionconditionable
webadvancedsearch Easier and more powerful searching tools
webcalendarcolor_field Calendar Color Field
webcalendarslot_duration Yajo Customizable calendar slot durations
webcompanycolor Web Company Color
webcopyconfirm Show confirmation dialogue before copying records
webdecimalnumpad_dot Allows using numpad dot to enter period decimal separator
webdialogsize A module that lets the user expand a dialog box to the full screen width.
webdisableexport_group Web Disable Export Group
webdomainfield Use computed field as domain
webdroptarget Allows to drag files into Odoo
webenvironmentribbon Web Environment Ribbon
webgroupexpand Group Expand Buttons
webiractionsactmulti Enables triggering of more than one action on ActionManager
webiractionsactview_reload Enables reload of the current view via ActionManager
webiractionsactwindow_message Show a message box to users
weblistviewrange_select Enables selecting a range of records using the shift key
webm2xoptions webm2xoptions
webm2xoptions_manager Adds an interface to manage the "Create" and "Create and Edit" options for specific models and fields.
webnobubble Remove the bubbles from the web interface
web_notify Send notification messages to user
webpwaoca eLBati Make Odoo a PWA
web_refresher Web Refresher
web_responsive Yajo Tardo Responsive web client, community-supported
websendmessage_popup Web Send Message as Popup
websheetfull_width Use the whole available screen width when displaying sheets
webswitchcontext_warning Show a warning if current user, company or database have been switched in another tab or window.
web_timeline tarteo Interactive visualization chart to show events in time
webtreedynamiccoloredfield Allows you to dynamically color fields on tree views
webtreeimage_tooltip Show images in tree views via tooltip
webtreemany2one_clickable Open the linked resource when clicking on their name
webwidgetbokeh_chart LoisRForgeFlow This widget allows to display charts using Bokeh library.
webwidgetchar_size Add size option to Char widget
webwidgetckeditor ivantodorovich Provides a widget for editing HTML fields using CKEditor
webwidgetdomaineditordialog Recovers the Domain Editor Dialog functionality
webwidgetdropdown_dynamic This module adds support for dynamic dropdown widget
webwidgetimage_download Allows to download any image from its widget
webwidgetmany2one_simple Tardo Simple many2one widget
webwidgetmodel_viewer eLBati Easily display interactive 3D models on the web & in AR
webwidgetmpld3_chart This widget allows to display charts using MPLD3 library.
webwidgetnumeric_step Web Widget Numeric Step
webwidgetopen_tab Allow to open record from trees on new tab from tree views
webwidgetplotly_chart robyf70 Allow to draw plotly charts.
webwidgeturl_advanced This module extends URL widget for displaying anchors with custom labels.
webwidgetx2many2dmatrix Show list fields as a matrix

Translation Status

Translation status


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to OCA policy. Consult each module's
file, which contains a
key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

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