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Pokemon Go API PHP library

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Pokemon GO PHP API library


Run the command

composer require nicklasw/pkm-go-api


EG: ```php // Create the authentication config $config = new Config(); $config->setProvider(Factory::PROVIDERPTC); $config->setUser('INSERTUSER'); $config->setPassword('INSERT_PASSWORD');

// Create the authentication manager $manager = Factory::create($config);

// Add a event listener, $manager->addListener(function ($event, $value) { if ($event === Manager::EVENTACCESSTOKEN) { /** @var AccessToken $accessToken */ $accessToken = $value;

    // Persist the access token in session storage, cache or whatever.


// Initialize the pokemon go application $application = new ApplicationKernel($manager);

// Retrieve the pokemon go api instance $pokemonGoApi = $application->getPokemonGoApi();

// Retrieve the inventory $inventory = $pokemonGoApi->getInventory();

// Retrieve the poke bank $pokeBank = $inventory->getPokeBank();

// Retrieve a pokemon of type pidgey $pokemon = $pokeBank->getPokemonsByType(PokemonId::PIDGEY)->first();

// Transfer / Release the pokemon (Send to the meat grinder) $pokemon->transfer(); ```


  • Implement the Map API
  • Improve logging



$ composer test

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