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This is a lootfilter for the game "Path of Exile". It hides low value items, uses a markup-scheme and sounds to highlight expensive gear and is based on economy data mining.

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The website is the user-friendly and recommended way to download, install and simulate (lootsimulator!) the filter. It's the easiest way to download the filter and you can also modify it there, without any coding knowledge to adjust it to your playstyle.


1) The filter does NOT update itself automatically. At least redownload the latest version once a league - better once a month - to stay up-to-date and not miss out on valuable drops! Get the latest version from: 2) The filter is always updated before the start of a new league. The update is live 4-6 hours before start. Afterwards, usually every few weeks. 3) Filters can't distinguish between different variations of one unique base! Example: A unique "Leather Belt" can be an expensive "Headhunter" or a cheap "Wurm's Molt". The same goes for all unique jewels etc. Things that need manual checking have a blue icon on the minimap! 4) The filter has a "leveling mode" and an "endgame mode". The switch happens at itemlevel 65. Additionally some items behave differently if dropped in earlier areas. Wisdom scrolls are larger for instance. 5) If you have questions, suggestions or want to get in touch: join our discord server:


1) Download the latest filter from or from the "releases" section.

2) Extract the files using WinRar/7zip or a similar tool.

3) Paste the .filter files (or just the folder content, if you want to use a specific style, paste the files from one of the (STYLE) folders instead) into the following folder: %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile

4) INGAME: Escape -> Options -> UI -> Scroll down -> Select one of the filters from the dropdown box.

5) Done. Enjoy.

If you want to edit the filter in a text-editor I've create a notepad++ and a visual studio code filter highlight language!


The filter itself will always be free, including updates. There will never be any premium/donator versions or options!

If you want to support the the development of the filter and/or filterblade or just show your appreciation feel free to buy me a beer / donate. I also have a Patreon account.

Your support is appreciated. Thank you!


The strictness defines how many items are filtered. A higher strictness means less items will be shown. I recommend using the regular or semi-strict version if you're just starting.

Path of Exile is a game, where speed matters a lot. Every time you pick up an item - you slow down. As your character becomes more and more optimized, it's a much better strategy to focus on clearing fast and only pick up the best items. This way you get more experience, less stash-sorting and more chances for big drops.

The filter strictness setup is designed to reflect that philosophy. You can start with regular/semi-strict and just increase your strictness as you improve your build. Alternatively if you feel like farming slow content, just go down a strictness.

You can also design your own strictness settings on

  • Soft = A very low strictness version, that shows extra bases and recipes. Not recommended for most situations.
  • Regular = Shows all rares and some "potentially useful items", great for solo selffound environments.
  • Semi-Strict = Shows the top ~50% of all rares, hides less popular recipes and crafting bases. This is a good allrounder version
  • Strict = Shows the top ~20% of all rares, hides most recipes and crafting bases. Hides scrolls at lvel 65+ (Shows them while leveling). Designed for optimized builds, that want to farm/grind effectively.
  • Very Strict = Shows the top ~5% of all rares, hides transmutation tier and lower currencies. Only shows the best crafting bases and recipes. Designed for fast, well geared builds.
  • Uber Strict = Shows the top <1% of all rares, no currency under an alch. Designed for optimized for rapid content farming.
  • Uber+ Strict = No rares, no currency under a chaos, hides a ton of other things. Designed to keep your screen clean in the most extreme of environments. Not recommended for most situations.


Different styles have the same filtering pattern and also have the same filter subversions (seen above), but use different highlighting settings. The subversions can be found in the subdirectories. I recommend previewing them on FilterBlade, most styles "just" change the visuals, however the CUSTOMSOUNDS style is special:

Same visuals, but all sounds are different. Designed for streamers or viewers so that they don't get confused when the other side is getting an expensive drop. You can also replace the sound files with your own files (filterblade offers streamer-sound packs and tools to assist you with custom soundpacks)

For additional details, the FAQ (read it before asking questions), previous changelogs, screenshots etc. please refer to the forum thread in the POE forum (clicky here to get there)

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