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Vue js component generator

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Vue js component generator Awesome

CLI util for easy generate Vue js component


npm install -g vue-generate-component


vgc --help

Create new component

vgc footer

Will generate five files:


export default {
  name: 'footer',
  props: [],
  mounted() {},
  data() {
    return {};
  methods: {},
  computed: {}


import Vue from 'vue';
import FooterComponent from './index.vue';

// Here are some Jasmine 2.0 tests, though you can // use any test runner / assertion library combo you prefer describe('FooterComponent', () => { // Inspect the raw component options it('has a created hook', () => { // expect(typeof FooterComponent.created).toBe('function'); }); // Evaluate the results of functions in // the raw component options it('sets the correct default data', () => { // expect(typeof'function') // const defaultData =; // expect(defaultData.message).toBe('hello!'); }); // Inspect the component instance on mount it('correctly sets the message when created', () => { // const vm = new Vue(FooterComponent).$mount(); // expect(vm.message).toBe('bye!'); }); // Mount an instance and inspect the render output it('renders the correct message', () => { // const Ctor = Vue.extend(FooterComponent); // const vm = new Ctor().$mount(); // expect(vm.$el.textContent).toBe('bye!'); }); });



.footer {


Create new component single file

vgc -s home

will generate one vue file:

Create new component single file inside new folder

vgc -s home --folder

Create new directive

vgc -d my-directive

will generate:


import Vue from 'vue';

Vue.directive('my-directive', { bind() {}, // When the bound element is inserted into the DOM... inserted(el) { // el.focus(); }, update() {}, unbind() {} });

If you want use postfix in file name, use -- postfix

vgc footer --postfix page

Will generate files with postfix:


Change the default file types for html, style, script, and spec

sudo vgc --html jade --style less --script ts --spec ts


If you want to fix/improve the templates you're welcome to create a PR.

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