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Restarting fresh

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Nano Core 2

Restarting fresh

A patch driven fork of uBlock Origin.

Upstream commit pin:


Please submit issues to the Nano Core issues tracker.


Nano Core 2 has some extra locale strings, most of them are for Nano Linter.

You can contribute to localization here:

Your language is not listed? Submit an issue to let me know.


  1. Install latest version of Git and Node.js.
  2. In an appropriate directory, run:
    1. git clone --depth 1
    2. git clone --depth 1
    3. git clone --depth 1
    4. git clone --depth 1
  3. Run
    git clone
    in an appropriate directory to get upstream. Check out a tag or commit as appropriate.
  4. In Nano Core 2 repository:
    1. Navigate to
      directory and run
      npm install
    2. Update
      as appropriate.
    3. Run
      node ./term
      to open Nano Core 2 Terminal.

Note: The private repository

is required for publishing.


You should not modify the upstream repository, instead, use Nano Core 2 Terminal to create and manage development environment.

reset    Delete development environment and create a fresh one using upstream
         repository, uncommitted changes in the fresh development environment
         will be cleared
apply    Apply all existing patches, in order, starting from the beginning
sync     Resynchronize all existing patches, in order, starting from the
cont     Clear uncommitted changes and continue to resynchronize patches
         starting from the last one that failed or from the beginning as
mark     Create a patch based on the difference between tip of resynchronize
         patches and current code in development environment

make Build extension from development environment pack Build, test, then package the extension check Check the syntax of files under the "/src" directory publish Build, test, package, then publish the extension Optionally pass browser name to publish for only one browser clean Remove all build files

lmake Build English locale file from locale definition lsync Synchronize (non-English) locale files with the latest build of the Crowdin project This will not rebuild the Crowdin project even if there are changes

config Print active configuration data reload Reload configuration data exit Exit the terminal

Creating a New Patch

  1. Run
  2. Copy generated patch file to an appropriate directory
  3. Give the new patch a good name
  4. Add it to the README file
  5. Add it to the configuration file
  6. Run
    in the Terminal

Renaming a Patch

  1. Give the patch a new name
  2. Update the README file
  3. Update the configuration file
  4. Run
    in the Terminal

Removing a Patch

  1. Delete the patch file
  2. Update the README file
  3. Update the configuration file
  4. Run
    in the Terminal

Version Update Checklist

  1. Pull filters updates
  2. If needed, pull upstream updates then update about string and commit pin
  3. If needed, pull upstream updates to build scripts
  4. If needed, pull upstream updates to
  5. If needed, pull upstream updates to
  6. If needed, build and pull locale updates
  7. Bump version number
  8. Perform sanity tests
  9. Add tags to repositories, and upload packages
  10. Upload packages to extension stores

Version Update Extended Checklist

These are the potential problems to look out for:

  1. Changes to development build detection logic
  2. Changes to Font Awesome related CSS
  3. Changes to image resources
    • Update build scripts to adapt
  4. Changes to
    directory structure
  5. Changes to
    • Update build scripts and extended script snippets manifest to adapt
  6. Changes to redirect declaration maps format in
    • Update
      to adapt
  7. Renaming or removal of
    variables in
  8. Changes to filters header parsing logic in
    • Update MirrorEngine to adapt
  9. Changes to CNAME uncloaking Chromium support
    • Consider changing the default settings to disabled
  10. Changes to local IP detection logic in
    • Update build scripts in NanoFilters and NanoMeow legacy server to adapt
  11. Changes to filters syntax
    • Update NanoFilters, NanoContrib, and Nano Defender Integration to adapt
  12. Changes to documented behaviors
    • Update documentations in NanoCore, NanoCore2, and NanoDoc to adapt

Assets Manifest Update Checklist

  1. When assets are removed
    • Open an issue in UltimateMirror to schedule removal of matching mirrored file
    • Remove the mirrored file after a few months
  2. When assets that are enabled by default have changed
    • Update NanoFilters build scripts
    • Delete and refresh third party assets cache

Subresource Integrity Incidence Response Protocol

When there is a severe issue with the content of a subresource, an intervention can be easily placed with the help of UltimateMirror and MirrorEngine:

  1. Lock the subresource in UltimateMirror
  2. Remove problematic content from UltimateMirror, if needed
  3. Update
    so the sanitized subresource will be loaded from UltimateMirror

Later, the intervention can be lifted as follows:

  1. Update
    as appropriate, the subresource should no longer be loaded from UltimateMirror
  2. Wait a bit for cache to expire (takes about 10 minutes), then restart MirrorEngine
  3. Unlock the subresource in UltimateMirror

External Dependencies

  1. Ace
    • src-noconflict/ace.js
    • src-noconflict/ext-searchbox.js


To update a patch, simply paste further changes to the bottom of that patch and

them in.

To fix conflict, either edit the broken patch file manually or disable it along with patches after it then recreate the changes.

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