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Node Websocket MUD Server. Demo:

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RockMUD (0.4.0) is a WebSockets MUD server. Try the latest on this Heroku hobby instance:

Current commands include, but are not limited to, kill (and round based combat), eat, drink, inventory, score, give, get, movement (any direction), drop, remove, wear, affects, say, yell, tell, chat, buy, sell, list, practice, train, fill, rest, sleep, stand, xyzzy, brandish, follow, unfollow, group, emote, look, scan, cast, open, close, unlock, lock, recall, flee, who, put, worth, where, reply, time, save, quit, title, equipment, skills, quests, help, and restore.


  • Full featured MUD experience from within the browser
  • Quick development


  • Install Node, npm, and Git
  • Clone the repo
  • npm install
  • npm start (defaults to

Get started adding commands:

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