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Transition navigation component for React Native

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React Native Navigation Animation

Beautiful Navigation animation with transition made with React Native.

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react-native run-android


react-native run-ios


render() {
    return (
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        <scrollview style="{styles.mainContainer}">

        {/* Top Container ........ */}
        <view style="{styles.topContainer}">

            {/* User Image ........ */}
            <image style="{styles.userImageContainer}" source="{require('/Volumes/Project/ReactProject/AnimationDemo/Images/maxresdefault.jpg')}/">

            <text style="{{marginLeft:" margintop: color:>
                Hello,{"\n"}Dance Montgomery

            <text style="{{" marginleft: marginright: margintop: color: fontsize: fontweight:>
                What you want to cook today?

            {/* Search View Container ........ */}
            <view style="{styles.topSearchContainer}">
                <image style="{{" marginleft: width: scaletodimension backgroundcolor: height: resizemode: source="{require('/Volumes/Project/ReactProject/AnimationDemo/Images/magnifying-glass-icon.png')}/">
                <textinput style="{{flex:" marginleft: marginright: color : placeholder="{'Search'}" placeholdertextcolor="#3842B0"></textinput>


        {/* Bottom Container ........ */}
        <view style="{styles.bottomContainer}">

            {/* Tab bar View........ */}
            <view style="{styles.bottomTabBarContainer}">
                <flatlist showshorizontalscrollindicator="{false}" horizontal="{true}" data="{arrTapBar}" extradata="{this.state}" renderitem="{({item," index> this.renderTapBarItem(item, index)}

            {/* Grid View........ */}
            <view style="{styles.bottomGridContainer}">
                <flatlist showshorizontalscrollindicator="{false}" onpress horizontal="{true}" data="{arrTapBar}" renderitem="{({item," index> this.renderGridItem(item, index)}





  • react-navigation-fluid-transitions


Version: 1.0

  • Initial Build


React-native-navigation-animation is MIT-licensed.

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