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Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning

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Neural Combinatorial Optimization with RL

TensorFlow implementation of:
Neural Combinatorial Optimization with Reinforcement Learning, Bello I., Pham H., Le Q. V., Norouzi M., Bengio S.
for the TSP with Time Windows (TSP-TW).
and Learning Heuristics for the TSP by Policy Gradient, Deudon M., Cournut P., Lacoste A., Adulyasak Y. and Rousseau L.M.
for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) (final release here)


The Neural Network consists in a RNN or self attentive encoder-decoder with an attention module connecting the decoder to the encoder (via a "pointer"). The model is trained by Policy Gradient (Reinforce, 1992).



(under progress)



  • To train a (2D TSP20) model from scratch (data is generated on the fly):
    > python --max_length=20 --inference_mode=False --restore_model=False --save_to=20/model --log_dir=summary/20/repo

NB: Just make sure ./save/20/model exists (create folder otherwise)

  • To visualize training on tensorboard: ```

    tensorboard --logdir=summary/20/repo ```

  • To test a trained model: ```

    python --maxlength=20 --inferencemode=True --restoremodel=True --restorefrom=20/model ```


  • To pretrain a (2D TSPTW20) model with infinite travel speed from scratch: ```

    python --inferencemode=False --pretrain=True --restoremodel=False --speed=1000. --beta=3 --saveto=speed1000/n20w100 --logdir=summary/speed1000/n20w100 ```

  • To fine tune a (2D TSPTW20) model with finite travel speed: ```

    python --inferencemode=False --pretrain=False --kNN=5 --restoremodel=True --restorefrom=speed1000/n20w100 --speed=10.0 --beta=3 --saveto=speed10/s10k5n20w100 --logdir=summary/speed10/s10k5_n20w100 ```

NB: Just make sure save_to folders exist

  • To visualize training on tensorboard: ```

    tensorboard --logdir=summary/speed1000/n20w100

    tensorboard --logdir=summary/speed10/s10k5n20w100
  • To test a trained model with finite travel speed on Dumas instances (in the benchmark folder): ```

    python --inferencemode=True --restoremodel=True --restorefrom=speed10/s10k5_n20w100 --speed=10.0 ```



Sampling 128 permutations with the Self-Attentive Encoder + Pointer Decoder:

  • Comparison to Google OR tools on 1000 TSP20 instances: (predicted tour length) = 0.9983 * (target tour length)



Sampling 256 permutations with the RNN Encoder + Pointer Decoder, followed by a 2-opt post processing on best tour: - Dumas instance n20w100.001 tsptw1 - Dumas instance n20w100.003 tsptw2


Michel Deudon / @mdeudon

Pierre Cournut / @pcournut


Bello, I., Pham, H., Le, Q. V., Norouzi, M., & Bengio, S. (2016). Neural combinatorial optimization with reinforcement learning. arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.09940.

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