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One HTML Page Challenge

The goal is to create anything you want within 1 single html file. Practice your skills with the barebones of web development. How creative can you be with such restrictions?

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  • You must write all of your code in 1 single HTML file.
  • Your file must be less than 1mb (measured by the file size on github).
  • You cannot import any external files (this will be checked by looking at the network tab in chrome).
  • Due to the nature of hiding lots of funtionality behind APIs, you cannot have any incoming network requests.
  • You are allowed to use libraries, however the library must be hard coded into a script tag and still must fit under the 1MB file size. (I suggest using a cdn and replacing with hardcoding the minified library at the end, or use JSCompress).

How to Submit

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Add your html file to the
  3. Edit the
    file in the root, with your information for the entry.
  4. Commit to your forked repo.
  5. Make a pull request to master from your forked repo.

* You may submit as many entries as you'd like.

## Publicity - Boing Boing - The "One HTML Page Challenge", a great example of view-source culture - Medium - How Having No-Internet Lead Me to Building a Worldwide Viral Website. - 10BestDesign - Coders Try a Single-page HTML Coding Challenge to Boost Skills - University of Maryland - INST377 Resource - What's Going On? - Ep #5 (Worst Traffic Bottleneck In North America, IOS vs Android, What's 5g?) - JPEGZILLA - findings - - Recreating the Fool's Mate chess move with CSS Grid

If you write a blog or post about the challenge, feel free to add to the list

Stargazers over time

## Useful Links - Fun Times with CSS Pixel Art - Pixel Art to CSS - How to make a simple HTML5 Canvas Game - JSCompress: Compile Multiple JS Files Into a Single Script Tag - Cookie Clicker - List of Javascript Game Frameworks - How to render images in HTML with base64 strings - Convert images to base64

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