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OpenGL 4 Graphics Engine

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OpenGL 4 Graphics Engine

Please read GLUS/README.txt

Please read GraphicsEngine/README.txt

Please read GE_Binaries/README.txt


Example 01: Primitive rendering with animation and texturing. FBX loading, instancing and rendering.

Example 02: Post processing with basic effects.

Example 03: MSAA post processing, depth of field and reflection and refraction.

Example 04: Dynamic environment mapping, alpha blending and animation paths.

Example 05: Specular and displacement mapping. Debug output for lights and cameras.

Test 01: FBX Export out of Blender and import into the Graphics Engine.

Test 02: Shadow mapping.

Test 03: Cascaded shadow mapping.

Test 04: glTF export out of the Graphics Engine.

Test 05: glTF import into the Graphics Engine.

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