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Syslog Server for Windows with a graphical user interface

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Visual Syslog Server for Windows

Visual Syslog Server for Windows is a free open source program to receive and view syslog messages. Useful when setting up routers and systems based on Unix/Linux.

Visual Syslog Server for Windows has a live messages view: switches to a new received message. Helpful color highlighting. Useful message filtering. Customizable notification and actions.

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Visual Syslog Server for Windows


  • Receive messages from various devices via UDP or TCP protocol (compliant to RFC 3164)
  • Syslog messages are displayed in real-time
  • Stores messages in files on disk
  • Log file rotation by size or by date
  • Filter displayed syslog messages based on facility, priority, host, source address, tag or message contents
  • Customizable color highlighting with nice 3D design
  • Generating notifications depending on the content of the received message:
    • Show alarms windows
    • Play sound file
    • Send e-mail notifications via smtp server
    • Customizable notices format
  • Performs actions depending on the content of the received message:
    • Run external program with params
    • Saving message to the specified file
  • Support for sending mail via SMTP server with authentication SSL / TLS (Support Gmail and iCloud mail smtp servers. You can use the push notifications on your mobile device for instant delivery of alarms.)
  • Lightweight and very fast
  • Run as a Windows application
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
  • Easy to install: adjustment is not required
  • Import historical syslog messages after the start of the program
  • View syslog messages from the file
  • The ability to receive messages encoded in UTF8
  • Free open source software, licensed under the GPL V2


Visual Syslog Server for Windows download installer:
Last developper snapshot 1.6.4
Latest stable release 1.6.4


After installation Visual Syslog Server for Windows works immediately: adjustment is not required. Waiting for messages on the UDP and TCP port 514 (default setting). Visual Syslog Server is an Windows application (installing a system service is not required). Installer adds firewall exception.

Building from sources

To build Windows Syslog Server from sources use CodeGear RAD Studio C++Builder 2007
Main project file visualsyslog.cbproj
Required components: Indy.Sockets (VCL) version 10

To build the installer, use Inno Setup Compiler 5.5.1(a)
Installer project file visualsyslog.iss


Your questions and suggestions please send to

Future plans

  • Message statistics

If you need these or other functions let me know.


Color highlighting setup

Visual Syslog Server for Windows color highlighting

Message processing setup

Visual Syslog Server for Windows message processing

Main setup

Visual Syslog Server for Windows main setup

Files rotation setup

Visual Syslog Server for Windows files rotation setup

Smtp server setup to send e-mail messages

Visual Syslog Server for Windows smtp server setup

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