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When run "gradle assembleXX" or build your app,it will auto check the code quality with checkstyle,pmd,findbugs.

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When run "gradle assembleXX" or build your app,it will auto check the code quality with checkstyle,pmd,findbugs.

1.It will run checkstyle,pmd before your build task and run findbugs after your assemble task.

2.You can config 'ignoreFailures = false' to force stop your build task. This will force you to optimize your code.


1、在 build工程之前使用checkstyle,pmd自动检查代码。

2、 assemble task 执行完后自动跑一遍findbugs,从代码源头上检查代码。

3、可以设置'ignoreFailures = false',当检查到错误后会强制停止当前的 build task,需要改正后才能重新 build,这样就强制保证了代码质量。ignoreFailures 的配置在 'yourandroidstudio_project/app/doc/quality/quality.gradle' 这个文件里。

4、可以添加忽略文件(夹),在quality.gradle 文件里配置:

    exclude '**/gen/**', '**/test/**','**/'


1、copy the /doc folder to yourandroidstudio_project/app/

2、input "apply from: './doc/quality/quality.gradle'" to your build.gradle in yourandroidstudio_project/app.

3、run your app or gradle assembleXX,this gradle script will auto check the code quality.

4、ignore file or folder in quality.gradle:

    exclude '**/gen/**', '**/test/**','**/'

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This project is based on these two other projects, which are awesome. Consider take a look at them : - Quality-Tools-for-Android. - vb-android-app-quality.

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