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1/4" Spiral Up Cut Bits

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Spiral Up Cut Router Bit

1/4" Spiral Up Cut Bits

Specifications: • Shank: 1/4" • Diameter: 1/4" • Cut Length: 1" • Overall Length: 2-1/2" • Flutes: 2

What is an Up Cut router bit? Upcutting bits mounted in a CNC pull chips (and your material) up and away from the table. They are great at clearing out chips from your cuts to avoid overheating your bits. They excel at making cuts all the way through material since they just slightly lift the material and scraps up into the end of the bit. Because of the upcutting action, these bits have a tendency to splinter the top surface of sheet goods like plywood and melamine coated particle board. You also need to be very sure that your material is securely held down to the table so the bit doesn’t lift it from the table and chuck it across the room.

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