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LeetCode solutions gives some thoughts on selected problems.

Solved 489/1771 problems.




| # | Title | Solution | |---| ----- | -------- | |1897|Maximize Palindrome Length From Subsequences|| |1896|Maximum Score from Performing Multiplication Operations|| |1895|Minimum Number of Operations to Move All Balls to Each Box|| |1894|Merge Strings Alternately|| |1876|Map of Highest Peak|| |1875|Tree of Coprimes|| |1874|Form Array by Concatenating Subarrays of Another Array|| |916|Decoded String at Index|| |830|Largest Triangle Area|| |673|Number of Longest Increasing Subsequence|| |635|Design Log Storage System|| |634|Find the Derangement of An Array|| |633|Sum of Square Numbers|| |631|Design Excel Sum Formula|| |630|Course Schedule III|| |629|K Inverse Pairs Array|| |628|Maximum Product of Three Numbers|| |617|Merge Two Binary Trees|| |616|Add Bold Tag in String|| |611|Valid Triangle Number|| |604|Design Compressed String Iterator|| |600|Non-negative Integers without Consecutive Ones|| |599|Minimum Index Sum of Two Lists|| |598|Range Addition II|| |594|Longest Harmonious Subsequence|| |593|Valid Square|| |592|Fraction Addition and Subtraction|| |588|Design In-Memory File System|| |587|Erect the Fence|| |583|Delete Operation for Two Strings|| |582|Kill Process|| |581|Shortest Unsorted Continuous Subarray|| |575|Distribute Candies|| |565|Array Nesting|| |556|Next Greater Element III|| |553|Optimal Division|| |552|Student Attendance Record II|| |533|Lonely Pixel II|| |531|Lonely Pixel I|| |514|Freedom Trail|| |508|Most Frequent Subtree Sum|| |507|Perfect Number|| |504|Base 7|| |502|IPO|| |501|Find Mode in Binary Search Tree|| |500|Keyboard Row|| |495|Teemo Attacking|| |494|Target Sum|| |491|Increasing Subsequences|| |490|The Maze|| |485|Max Consecutive Ones|| |483|Smallest Good Base|| |482|License Key Formatting|| |481|Magical String|| |480|Sliding Window Median|| |477|Total Hamming Distance|| |476|Number Complement|| |475|Heaters|| |474|Ones and Zeroes|| |473|Matchsticks to Square|| |472|Concatenated Words|| |469|Convex Polygon|| |468|Validate IP Address|| |467|Unique Substrings in Wraparound String|| |466|Count The Repetitions|| |465|Optimal Account Balancing|| |464|Can I Win|| |463|Island Perimeter|| |462|Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements II|| |461|Hamming Distance|| |459|Repeated Substring Pattern|| |456|132 Pattern|| |455|Assign Cookies|| |454|4Sum II|| |453|Minimum Moves to Equal Array Elements|| |452|Minimum Number of Arrows to Burst Balloons|| |447|Number of Boomerangs|| |446|Arithmetic Slices II - Subsequence|| |444|Sequence Reconstruction|| |441|Arranging Coins|| |440|K-th Smallest in Lexicographical Order|| |439|Ternary Expression Parser|| |438|Find All Anagrams in a String|| |437|Path Sum III|| |436|Find Right Interval|| |435|Non-overlapping Intervals|| |434|Number of Segments in a String|| |432|All O`one Data Structure|| |424|Longest Repeating Character Replacement|| |423|Reconstruct Original Digits from English|| |422|Valid Word Square|| |421|Maximum XOR of Two Numbers in an Array|| |420|Strong Password Checker|| |419|Battleships in a Board|| |417|Pacific Atlantic Water Flow|| |416|Partition Equal Subset Sum|| |415|Add Strings|| |414|Third Maximum Number|| |413|Arithmetic Slices|| |412|Fizz Buzz|| |410|Split Array Largest Sum|| |409|Longest Palindrome|| |408|Valid Word Abbreviation|| |407|Trapping Rain Water II|| |406|Queue Reconstruction by Height|| |405|Convert a Number to Hexadecimal|| |404|Sum of Left Leaves|| |403|Frog Jump|| |402|Remove K Digits|| |401|Binary Watch|| |400|Nth Digit|| |399|Evaluate Division|| |398|Random Pick Index|| |397|Integer Replacement|| |396|Rotate Function|| |395|Longest Substring with At Least K Repeating Characters|| |394|Decode String|| |393|UTF-8 Validation|| |392|Is Subsequence|| |391|Perfect Rectangle|| |390|Elimination Game|| |389|Find the Difference|| |388|Longest Absolute File Path|| |387|First Unique Character in a String|| |386|Lexicographical Numbers|| |385|Mini Parser|| |384|Shuffle an Array|| |383|Ransom Note|| |382|Linked List Random Node|| |381|Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) - Duplicates allowed|| |380|Insert Delete GetRandom O(1)|| |379|Design Phone Directory|| |378|Kth Smallest Element in a Sorted Matrix|| |377|Combination Sum IV|| |376|Wiggle Subsequence|| |375|Guess Number Higher or Lower II|| |374|Guess Number Higher or Lower|| |373|Find K Pairs with Smallest Sums|| |372|Super Pow|| |371|Sum of Two Integers|| |370|Range Addition|| |369|Plus One Linked List|| |368|Largest Divisible Subset|| |367|Valid Perfect Square|| |366|Find Leaves of Binary Tree|| |365|Water and Jug Problem|| |364|Nested List Weight Sum II|| |362|Design Hit Counter|| |361|Bomb Enemy|| |360|Sort Transformed Array|| |359|Logger Rate Limiter|| |358|Rearrange String k Distance Apart|| |357|Count Numbers with Unique Digits|| |356|Line Reflection|| |355|Design Twitter|| |354|Russian Doll Envelopes|| |353|Design Snake Game|| |352|Data Stream as Disjoint Intervals|| |351|Android Unlock Patterns|| |350|Intersection of Two Arrays II|| |349|Intersection of Two Arrays|| |348|Design Tic-Tac-Toe|| |347|Top K Frequent Elements|| |346|Moving Average from Data Stream|| |345|Reverse Vowels of a String|| |344|Reverse String|| |343|Integer Break|| |342|Power of Four|| |341|Flatten Nested List Iterator|| |340|Longest Substring with At Most K Distinct Characters|| |339|Nested List Weight Sum|| |338|Counting Bits|| |337|House Robber III|| |336|Palindrome Pairs|| |335|Self Crossing|| |334|Increasing Triplet Subsequence|| |333|Largest BST Subtree|| |332|Reconstruct Itinerary|| |331|Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree|| |330|Patching Array|| |329|Longest Increasing Path in a Matrix|| |328|Odd Even Linked List|| |327|Count of Range Sum|| |326|Power of Three|| |325|Maximum Size Subarray Sum Equals k|| |324|Wiggle Sort II|| |323|Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph|| |322|Coin Change|| |321|Create Maximum Number|| |320|Generalized Abbreviation|| |319|Bulb Switcher|| |318|Maximum Product of Word Lengths|| |317|Shortest Distance from All Buildings|| |316|Remove Duplicate Letters|| |315|Count of Smaller Numbers After Self|| |314|Binary Tree Vertical Order Traversal|| |313|Super Ugly Number|| |312|Burst Balloons|| |311|Sparse Matrix Multiplication|| |310|Minimum Height Trees|| |309|Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Cooldown|| |308|Range Sum Query 2D - Mutable|| |307|Range Sum Query - Mutable|| |306|Additive Number|| |305|Number of Islands II|| |304|Range Sum Query 2D - Immutable|| |303|Range Sum Query - Immutable|| |302|Smallest Rectangle Enclosing Black Pixels|| |301|Remove Invalid Parentheses|| |300|Longest Increasing Subsequence|| |299|Bulls and Cows|| |298|Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence|| |297|Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree|| |296|Best Meeting Point|| |295|Find Median from Data Stream|| |294|Flip Game II|| |293|Flip Game|| |292|Nim Game|| |291|Word Pattern II|| |290|Word Pattern|| |289|Game of Life|| |288|Unique Word Abbreviation|| |287|Find the Duplicate Number|| |286|Walls and Gates|| |285|Inorder Successor in BST|| |284|Peeking Iterator|| |283|Move Zeroes|| |282|Expression Add Operators|| |281|Zigzag Iterator|| |280|Wiggle Sort|| |279|Perfect Squares|| |278|First Bad Version|| |277|Find the Celebrity|| |276|Paint Fence|| |275|H-Index II|| |274|H-Index|| |273|Integer to English Words|| |272|Closest Binary Search Tree Value II|| |271|Encode and Decode Strings|| |270|Closest Binary Search Tree Value|| |269|Alien Dictionary|| |268|Missing Number|| |267|Palindrome Permutation II|| |266|Palindrome Permutation|| |265|Paint House II|| |264|Ugly Number II|| |263|Ugly Number|| |261|Graph Valid Tree|| |260|Single Number III|| |259|3Sum Smaller|| |258|Add Digits|| |257|Binary Tree Paths|| |256|Paint House|| |255|Verify Preorder Sequence in Binary Search Tree|| |254|Factor Combinations|| |253|Meeting Rooms II|| |252|Meeting Rooms|| |251|Flatten 2D Vector|| |250|Count Univalue Subtrees|| |249|Group Shifted Strings|| |248|Strobogrammatic Number III|| |247|Strobogrammatic Number II|| |246|Strobogrammatic Number|| |245|Shortest Word Distance III|| |244|Shortest Word Distance II|| |243|Shortest Word Distance|| |242|Valid Anagram|| |241|Different Ways to Add Parentheses|| |240|Search a 2D Matrix II|| |239|Sliding Window Maximum|| |238|Product of Array Except Self|| |237|Delete Node in a Linked List|| |236|Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree|| |235|Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree|| |234|Palindrome Linked List|| |233|Number of Digit One|| |232|Implement Queue using Stacks|| |231|Power of Two|| |230|Kth Smallest Element in a BST|| |229|Majority Element II|| |228|Summary Ranges|| |227|Basic Calculator II|| |226|Invert Binary Tree|| |225|Implement Stack using Queues|| |224|Basic Calculator|| |223|Rectangle Area|| |222|Count Complete Tree Nodes|| |221|Maximal Square|| |220|Contains Duplicate III|| |219|Contains Duplicate II|| |218|The Skyline Problem|| |217|Contains Duplicate|| |216|Combination Sum III|| |215|Kth Largest Element in an Array|| |214|Shortest Palindrome|| |213|House Robber II|| |212|Word Search II|| |210|Course Schedule II|| |209|Minimum Size Subarray Sum|| |208|Implement Trie (Prefix Tree)|| |207|Course Schedule|| |206|Reverse Linked List|| |205|Isomorphic Strings|| |204|Count Primes|| |203|Remove Linked List Elements|| |202|Happy Number|| |201|Bitwise AND of Numbers Range|| |200|Number of Islands|| |199|Binary Tree Right Side View|| |198|House Robber|| |191|Number of 1 Bits|| |190|Reverse Bits|| |189|Rotate Array|| |188|Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IV|| |187|Repeated DNA Sequences|| |186|Reverse Words in a String II|| |179|Largest Number|| |174|Dungeon Game|| |173|Binary Search Tree Iterator|| |172|Factorial Trailing Zeroes|| |171|Excel Sheet Column Number|| |170|Two Sum III - Data structure design|| |169|Majority Element|| |168|Excel Sheet Column Title|| |167|Two Sum II - Input array is sorted|| |166|Fraction to Recurring Decimal|| |165|Compare Version Numbers|| |164|Maximum Gap|| |163|Missing Ranges|| |162|Find Peak Element|| |161|One Edit Distance|| |160|Intersection of Two Linked Lists|| |159|Longest Substring with At Most Two Distinct Characters|| |158|Read N Characters Given Read4 II - Call multiple times|| |157|Read N Characters Given Read4|| |156|Binary Tree Upside Down|| |155|Min Stack|| |154|Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array II|| |153|Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array|| |152|Maximum Product Subarray|| |151|Reverse Words in a String|| |150|Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation|| |149|Max Points on a Line|| |148|Sort List|| |147|Insertion Sort List|| |146|LRU Cache|| |145|Binary Tree Postorder Traversal|| |144|Binary Tree Preorder Traversal|| |143|Reorder List|| |142|Linked List Cycle II|| |141|Linked List Cycle|| |140|Word Break II|| |139|Word Break|| |138|Copy List with Random Pointer|| |137|Single Number II|| |136|Single Number|| |135|Candy|| |134|Gas Station|| |133|Clone Graph|| |132|Palindrome Partitioning II|| |131|Palindrome Partitioning|| |130|Surrounded Regions|| |129|Sum Root to Leaf Numbers|| |128|Longest Consecutive Sequence|| |127|Word Ladder|| |126|Word Ladder II|| |125|Valid Palindrome|| |124|Binary Tree Maximum Path Sum|| |123|Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock III|| |122|Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock II|| |121|Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock|| |120|Triangle|| |119|Pascal's Triangle II|| |118|Pascal's Triangle|| |117|Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node II|| |116|Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node|| |115|Distinct Subsequences|| |114|Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List|| |113|Path Sum II|| |112|Path Sum|| |111|Minimum Depth of Binary Tree|| |110|Balanced Binary Tree|| |109|Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree|| |108|Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree|| |107|Binary Tree Level Order Traversal II|| |106|Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder Traversal|| |105|Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal|| |104|Maximum Depth of Binary Tree|| |103|Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order Traversal|| |102|Binary Tree Level Order Traversal|| |101|Symmetric Tree|| |100|Same Tree|| |99|Recover Binary Search Tree|| |98|Validate Binary Search Tree|| |97|Interleaving String|| |96|Unique Binary Search Trees|| |95|Unique Binary Search Trees II|| |94|Binary Tree Inorder Traversal|| |93|Restore IP Addresses|| |92|Reverse Linked List II|| |91|Decode Ways|| |90|Subsets II|| |89|Gray Code|| |88|Merge Sorted Array|| |87|Scramble String|| |86|Partition List|| |85|Maximal Rectangle|| |84|Largest Rectangle in Histogram|| |83|Remove Duplicates from Sorted List|| |82|Remove Duplicates from Sorted List II|| |81|Search in Rotated Sorted Array II|| |80|Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array II|| |79|Word Search|| |78|Subsets|| |77|Combinations|| |76|Minimum Window Substring|| |75|Sort Colors|| |74|Search a 2D Matrix|| |73|Set Matrix Zeroes|| |72|Edit Distance|| |71|Simplify Path|| |70|Climbing Stairs|| |69|Sqrt(x)|| |68|Text Justification|| |67|Add Binary|| |66|Plus One|| |65|Valid Number|| |64|Minimum Path Sum|| |63|Unique Paths II|| |62|Unique Paths|| |61|Rotate List|| |60|Permutation Sequence|| |59|Spiral Matrix II|| |58|Length of Last Word|| |57|Insert Interval|| |56|Merge Intervals|| |55|Jump Game|| |54|Spiral Matrix|| |53|Maximum Subarray|| |52|N-Queens II|| |51|N-Queens|| |50|Pow(x, n)|| |48|Rotate Image|| |47|Permutations II|| |46|Permutations|| |45|Jump Game II|| |44|Wildcard Matching|| |43|Multiply Strings|| |42|Trapping Rain Water|| |41|First Missing Positive|| |40|Combination Sum II|| |39|Combination Sum|| |38|Count and Say|| |37|Sudoku Solver|| |36|Valid Sudoku|| |35|Search Insert Position|| |33|Search in Rotated Sorted Array|| |32|Longest Valid Parentheses|| |31|Next Permutation|| |30|Substring with Concatenation of All Words|| |29|Divide Two Integers|| |28|Implement strStr()|| |27|Remove Element|| |26|Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array|| |25|Reverse Nodes in k-Group|| |24|Swap Nodes in Pairs|| |23|Merge k Sorted Lists|| |22|Generate Parentheses|| |21|Merge Two Sorted Lists|| |20|Valid Parentheses|| |19|Remove Nth Node From End of List|| |18|4Sum|| |17|Letter Combinations of a Phone Number|| |16|3Sum Closest|| |15|3Sum|| |14|Longest Common Prefix|| |13|Roman to Integer|| |12|Integer to Roman|| |11|Container With Most Water|| |10|Regular Expression Matching|| |9|Palindrome Number|| |8|String to Integer (atoi)|| |7|Reverse Integer|| |6|ZigZag Conversion|| |5|Longest Palindromic Substring|| |4|Median of Two Sorted Arrays|| |3|Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters|| |2|Add Two Numbers|| |1|Two Sum||

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