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A Ruby on Rails roles solution.

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Gem Version


Roles in Rails.


Add this to your Gemfile.

gem 'royce'

Be sure to run

bundle install

Run this in your terminal.

rails g royce:install

And run

rake db:migrate

Add this to a model.

royce_roles %w[ owner editor administrator ]

In Depth

Adding royce to a model is super simple. The following code will add the roles user, admin, and editor to your model class. You can pass in an array of strings or symbols. You can even pass in a mixed array of strings and symbols.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  royce_roles %w[ user admin editor ] # array of strings

class Sailor < ActiveRecord::Base royce_roles [ :captain, :bosun, :quartermaster ] # array of symbols end

class RockAndRoller < ActiveRecord::Base royce_roles [ :drummer, 'bassist', :editor ] # array of strings and symbols end

Now instances of your user class have some roles methods. You can add, remove, query role status, and even ask if an instance can accept such a role.

user = User.create()

user.add_role :user user.add_role 'user' user.add_role Royce::Role.find_by(name: 'user')

user.remove_role :user user.remove_role 'user' user.remove_role Royce::Role.find_by(name: 'user')

user.has_role? :user user.has_role? 'user' user.has_role? Royce::Role.find_by(name: 'user')

user.allowed_role? 'user' user.allowed_role? :user user.allowed_role? Royce::Role.find_by(name: 'user')

You also get some conveneint methods to query if a user has a certain named role.


You can easily add a role to your model object using our bang! methods.


Get a list of roles that a particular user has

user.add_role :user
user.add_role :admin
user.role_list # => ['user', 'admin']

Get a list of all roles available to a class

User.available_role_names # => ['user', 'admin', 'editor']

Not enough. You also get named scopes on your models.


If you liked that, you'll LOVE this. We've added the ability to take a role, and return all instances of a class that have that role.


s it'll look like this:
admin_role = Royce::Role.find_by(name: 'admin')
admin_role.users.all # Array of user objects

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