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DynamicLyrics, free iTunes assistant designed for u.

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DynamicLyrics, free iTunes assistant designed for u.


1、Menubar Lyrics


2、Desktop Lyrics


3、Album Artwork Filler


More Details

  • Xcode Version 4.3.2 (4E2002)
  • Song lyrics will be automatically downloaded, no need to add manually
  • Automatically translate Simplified Chinese into Traditional Chinese


  1. [DONE] ~~Add CheckUpdate system~~
  2. [DONE] ~~Maybe a better icon?~~
  3. [ABANDON] ~~Automatical translator~~
  4. [DONE] ~~Export album artwork to desktop~~
  5. [ABANDON] ~~Automatically write lyrics to iTunes(this may cost a lot of time before playing)~~
  6. [DONE] ~~Move some settings to menu, delete them from pref window.~~
  7. [DONE] ~~Sandbox App~~
  8. [NEW] 更多的语言支持


Code in the DynamicLyrics project is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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