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Double your bandwith on your Qualcomm devices.

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Magisk WiFi Bonding

Double your bandwith on your Qualcomm devices!


Details 细节

By default, some devices provided an ini file to control the wifi behavior. This module modified the

in order to support 40mhz.


  • Make 2.4Ghz/5Ghz WiFi running at 40Mhz enabled. 开启 40Mhz WiFi 支持。

  • Make forced WiFi antenna 1T1R on MTK solution AP disabled. 关闭联发科路由 单天线 WiFi 限制。


This module should work on most of the devices. The basic logic is simple, but not all devices need such kind of module. If you can find

in your system partition, please open an issue to report it to me; if you can't, this module won't work for you, including almost all Nexus/Pixel devices.


,请创建 issue 告诉我。 如果不能,则该模块将对您的设备不起作用,包括几乎所有的 Nexus / Pixel 设备。

Instructions 说明

Please follow the instuction below from @axeldna: 请按照说明进行操作

  1. Removed the installed Wifi Bonding module. 移除已安装了的WIFI Bonding模块。
  2. Removed all saved wifi 2.4Ghz networks (I removed all of them anyway, but shouldn't be necessary) . 移除所有已保存的2.4Ghz的Wifi(非必要)
  3. Rebooted the phone (to make sure wifi settings are removed from cloud account too). 重启手机(以确保从云服务中删除相关的Wifi设置项)。
  4. Installed the Wifi Bonding module. 安装Wifi Bonding模块。
  5. Rebooted the phone (as indicated by Magisk to start the module). 重启手机(根据Magisk指示来重启)。
  6. With a phone "free of wifi" and with a fresh Wifi Bonding module, I joined 2.4Ghz wifi networks. 试着开始接入2.4Ghz的Wifi。
  7. Checked my newly registered 2.4Ghz networks and they are showing 150Mbps Link Speed. 自测新连上的2.4Ghz的Wifi有150Mbps的连接速度。
  8. On some MTK solution AP, they are showing 300Mbps Link Speed. 连接一些联发科路由的Wifi有300Mbps的连接速度。


  • You should use latest Magisk Manager to install this module. If you meet any problem under installation from Magisk Manager, please try to install it from recovery. 您应该使用最新的Magisk Manager来安装此模块。如果您在Magisk Manager中安装模块遇到问题,请尝试使用Recovery来安装

  • Recent fixes:

Update for magisk tmpfs location changes.

Credit & Support 版权及支持

  • Copyright (C) 2017-2020 simonsmh [email protected]
  • Any issue or pull request is welcomed. 欢迎提交 issue 以及 Pull Request
  • Star this module at GitHub 欢迎点亮项目小星星

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