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V2ray Magisk Module

This is a v2ray module for Magisk, and includes binaries for arm, arm64, x86, x64.



You can download the release installer zip file and install it via the Magisk Manager App.


  • V2ray config file is store in

  • Please make sure the config is correct. You can check it by running a command :

export V2RAY_LOCATION_ASSET=/data/v2ray; v2ray -test -config /data/v2ray/config.json
in android terminal or ssh.
  • dnscrypt-proxy config file is store in

    folder, you can update cn domains list via running the shell script
    or if you dislike the default rules, you can edit them by yourself. ( If you want to disable dnscrypt-proxy, just delete the config file
  • Tips: Please notice that the default configuration has already set inbounds section to cooperate work with transparent proxy script. It is recommended that you only edit the first element of outbounds section to your proxy server and edit file

    to select which App to proxy.


Normal usage ( Default and Recommended )

Manage service start / stop

  • V2Ray service is auto-run after system boot up by default.
  • You can start or stop v2ray service by simply turn on or turn off the module via Magisk Manager App. Start service may wait about 10 second and stop service may take effect immediately.

Select which App to proxy

  • If you expect transparent proxy ( read Transparent proxy section for more detail ) for specific Apps, just write down these Apps' uid in file

Each App's uid should separate by space or just one App's uid per line. ( for Android App's uid , you can search App's package name in file

, or you can look into some App like Shadowsocks. )
  • If you expect all Apps proxy by V2Ray with transparent proxy, just write a single number

    in file
  • If you expect all Apps proxy by V2Ray with transparent proxy EXCEPT specific Apps, write down

    at the first line then these Apps' uid separated as above in file
  • Transparent proxy won't take effect until the V2Ray service start normally and file

    is not empty.

Share transparent proxy to WiFi guest or USB guest

  • Transparent proxy is share to WiFi guest by default.
  • If you don't want to share proxy to WiFi guest or USB guest, delete the file
    or empty it.
  • For most situation, Android WiFi hotspot subnet is
    , and USB subnet is
    . If your device is not conform to it , please write down the subnet you want proxy in
    . ( You can run command
    ip addr
    to search the subnet )

Advanced usage ( for Debug and Develop only )

Enter manual mode

If you want to control V2Ray by running command totally, just add a file

. In this situation, V2Ray service won't start on boot automatically and you cann't manage service start/stop via Magisk Manager App.

Manage service start / stop

  • V2Ray service script is

  • For example, in my environment ( Magisk version: 18100 ; Magisk Manager version v7.1.1 )

    • Start service :

    /sbin/.magisk/img/v2ray/scripts/v2ray.service start
    - Stop service :

    /sbin/.magisk/img/v2ray/scripts/v2ray.service stop

Manage transparent proxy enable / disable

  • Transparent proxy script is

  • For example, in my environment ( Magisk version: 18100 ; Magisk Manager version v7.1.1 )

    • Enable Transparent proxy :

    /sbin/.magisk/img/v2ray/scripts/v2ray.tproxy enable
    - Disable Transparent proxy :

    /sbin/.magisk/img/v2ray/scripts/v2ray.tproxy disable

Transparent proxy

What is "Transparent proxy"

"A 'transparent proxy' is a proxy that does not modify the request or response beyond what is required for proxy authentication and identification". "A 'non-transparent proxy' is a proxy that modifies the request or response in order to provide some added service to the user agent, such as group annotation services, media type transformation, protocol reduction, or anonymity filtering".

​ -- Transparent proxy explanation in Wikipedia

Working principle

This module also contains a simple script that helping you to make transparent proxy via iptables. In fact , the script is just make some REDIRECT and TPROXY rules to redirect app's network into 65535 port in localhost. And 65535 port is listen by v2ray inbond with dokodemo-door protocol. In summarize, the App proxy network path is looks like :

Android App ( Google, Facebook, Twitter ... )

⇕ ( TCP & UDP network protocol )

Android system iptables [ localhost inside ]

⇕ ( REDIRECT & TPROXY iptables rules )

[ Inbond ] -- V2Ray -- [ Outbond ]

⇕ ( Shadowsocks, Vmess )

Proxy Server ( SS, V2Ray) [ Internet outside ]

⇕ ( HTTP, TCP, ... other application protocol )

App Server ( Google, Facebook, Twitter ... )


  1. Uninstall the module via Magisk Manager App.
  2. You can clean v2ray data dir by running command
    rm -rf /data/v2ray

Project V

Project V is a set of network tools that help you to build your own computer network. It secures your network connections and thus protects your privacy. See ProjectV website for more information.


The MIT License (MIT)

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