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Rethinking Performance Estimation in Neural Architecture Search

There is the code of the paper

Rethinking Performance Estimation in Neural Architecture Search
for searching. We provide the implementations of Reinforcement Learning(RL), Evolution Algorithm(EA), Random Search(RS) and Differentiable Architecture Search(DARTS) coped with the proposed


Two hyperparameter settings for searching, named BPE1 and BPE2 respectively, are defined in
takes only 0.33 GPU hours to train a full network while
takes 0.5 GPU hours.

Reinforcement Learning

  1. Train ```bash git clone cd rethinkingperformanceestimationinNAS

python --runid=0 --outputpath=experiment/RL --niters=100 --lr=1e-1 --param=BPE1/BPE2 `

The parameter
indicates the number of iterations, 100 for default setting and the
--lr`` is the learning rate for agent optimization.
  1. Parse the best architecture from Json file
    python --method=RL --param=BPE1/BPE2 --run_id=0

Evolution Algorithm

  1. Train

    python --run_id=0 --output_path=experiment/EA --n_iters=100 --pop_size=50 --param=BPE1/BPE2
    The parameter
    indicates the total number of iterations, while the
    is the number iterations to generate populations.
  2. Sampling the best architecture from supernet

  • sampling 10 nets from the best supernet
    python --method=EA --param=BPE1/BPE2 --run_id=0
  • augment the sampled nets as the same way with Random Search, and find the best cell architecture

Random Search

  1. Randomly generate 100 cell architectures

    python --num=100
  2. Train these random architectures from scratch

  • For BPE1:
    python --name=RS_BPE1 --file=random_darts_architecture.txt --data_path=data/ --save_path=experiment/ --batch_size=128 --lr=0.03 --layers=6 --init_channels=8 --epochs=10 --cutout_length=0 --image_size=16
  • For BPE2:
    python --name=RS_BPE2 --file=random_darts_architecture.txt --data_path=data/ --save_path=experiment/ --batch_size=128 --lr=0.03 --layers=16 --init_channels=16 --epochs=30 --cutout_length=0 --image_size=16

Differentiable Architecture Search

  • For BPE1:
    python --name=DARTS_BPE1 --batch_size=128 --w_lr=0.03 --layers=6 --init_channels=8 --epochs=10 --cutout_length=0 --image_size=16
  • For BPE2:
    python --name=DARTS_BPE2 --batch_size=128 --w_lr=0.03 --layers=16 --init_channels=16 --epochs=30 --cutout_length=0 --image_size=16

Search Trails

We also release the examples we sampled in our paper in SearchHyperparametersResults.xlsx

Reference Project

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