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Terminal based replica of the digital rain from The Matrix.

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TMatrix is a program that simulates the digital rain from The Matrix. It's focused on being the most accurate replica of the digital rain effect achievable on a typical terminal, while also being customizable and performant.


Packaging status

Install on Arch Linux AUR votes


from the AUR. For example, with an AUR helper such as

yay -S tmatrix-git

Install on Gentoo Linux

eselect repository enable bright
emerge --ask tmatrix

Install on any Nix system

nix-env -f '' -iA tmatrix

Download and install on other GNU/Linux distributions

The prebuilt TMatrix uses version 5 of the ncurses library. To install the library on Ubuntu or Debian run:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5
Now that you have the required library you can install and run tmatrix:
wget -q
tar -zxvf installation.tar.gz
cd installation
sudo ./
To check if it installed correctly run:
tmatrix --version


sudo rm -f /usr/bin/tmatrix \
           /usr/share/man/man6/tmatrix.6.gz \
           /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/tmatrix \

To check if anything was left behind you can run:

locate tmatrix

Build and install from source


This project uses C++17 so you'll need the latest tools in order you build it: - CMake 3.8+ - GCC 7+ or Clang 5+



git clone
cd TMatrix
mkdir -p build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j8
sudo make install



TMatrix is very customizable. You can change the starting title text, the color of the background and the characters, the speed, length and separations of the rain streaks. During execution you can use

to pause and
to quit.

For a full description of all the options run

man tmatrix
tmatrix --help


Suggestions, bug reports and patch submissions are all welcome. You can create an issue, send a pull requests of just send an email. For details see


Written and maintained by Miloš Stojanović ([email protected]).


Thanks to: - Infinisil for creating a NixOS Linux package - filalex77 for creating a Gentoo Linux package, adding bash, zsh and tcsh completions scripts and a .editorconfig file - eliasrg for creating and maintaining the Arch Linux package, clarifying the installation options on Arch Linux, adding CMake install commands for the man page and helping in the creation of completions scripts - Makefile-dot-in for fixing a problem linking atomic on Android - sebpardo for pointing out a typo in the man page - fosspill for correcting the name of the required ncurses library - meskarune for the idea and helpful suggestions for creating the 'fade' and 'rainbow' options - taschenlampe for reporting an issue with the install script


TMatrix is licensed under the

- see the LICENSE file for details.


If you wish to send a donation you can do so here Liberapay or here PayPal.

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