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Downgrade/restore and jailbreak iOS devices to signed OTA firmwares

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(formerly 32bit-OTA-Downgrader)

Downgrade/restore and jailbreak iOS devices to signed OTA firmwares

  • Linux and macOS are supported by this downgrade script/tool
    • Windows users can create a Linux live USB (see Requirements)
  • iOS 8.4.1 and 6.1.3 downgrades have the option to jailbreak the install
  • You do NOT need blobs to use this, the script will get them for you
  • This script can also restore your device to other iOS versions that you have SHSH blobs for (32-bit devices only, listed under Supported devices)
  • Please read the "Other notes" section for frequent questions and troubleshooting

Supported devices:

  • You can identify your device here
  • iPhone 5C and iPad mini 3 devices are NOT supported (OTA versions are not signed)
  • iPhone 5C can still be restored to versions that you have SHSH blobs for
Target Version Supported Devices
iOS 10.3.3 A7 devices:
iPhone 5S
iPad Air 1
iPad mini 2 (except iPad4,6)
iOS 8.4.1 32-bit devices:
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4
iPod 5th gen
iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 4S
iPad 2 (except iPad2,4)


  • A supported device in any iOS version (listed above):
    • A 32-bit device (jailbreak needed)
    • An A7 device (jailbreak not needed)
  • An IPSW for the version you want to downgrade to
  • A 64-bit Linux install/live USB or a supported macOS version
    • See supported OS versions and Linux distros below
    • A Linux live USB can be easily created with tools like balenaEtcher or Rufus
  • Users with 32-bit devices must install OpenSSH
    • Users in iOS 10 (A6/A6X) must also install Dropbear (Cydia repo)
For Pangu 32-bit users:
  • For 32-bit users using Pangu, install the latest untether for your iOS version here

How to use:

  1. Download iOS-OTA-Downgrader here and extract the zip archive
  2. Plug in your iOS device
  3. Open a Terminal window
  4. cd
    to where the zip archive is extracted, and run
    • You can also drag
      to the Terminal window and press ENTER
  5. Select option to be used
  6. Follow instructions

Supported OS versions/distros:

Other notes:

  • If something in the process does not work for you, try switching USB ports and/or cables (also try using a USB 2.0 port)
  • This script will verify the IPSW SHA1 before restoring
  • For users having issues related to missing libraries or tools, re-install dependencies with
    ./ Install
    • Alternatively, delete the
      folder in
      then run the script again
  • For A7 devices:
    • Do not use USB-C to lightning cables as this can prevent a successful restore
    • checkm8 ipwndfu is unfortunately pretty unreliable, you may have to try multiple times (for Linux users, also try in a live USB)
    • If the script can't find your device in pwnREC mode or gets stuck, you may have to start over
    • Other than the above, unfortunately there's not much else I can do to help regarding entering pwnDFU mode.
  • For 32-bit devices:
    • To devices with baseband, this script will restore your device with the latest baseband (except when jailbreak is enabled, and on iPhone5,1 as there are reported issues)
    • This script can also be used to just enter kDFU mode for all supported devices
    • As alternatives to kloader/kDFU, checkm8 A5 or ipwndfu can also be used in DFU advanced menu
    • To enter DFU advanced menu, put your iOS device in DFU mode before running the script
    • This script can work on virtual machines, but I won't provide support for them
  • For jailbreak option:
    • If you have problems with Cydia, remove the ultrasn0w repo and close Cydia using the app switcher, then try opening Cydia again
    • If you can't find Cydia in your home screen, try accessing Cydia through Safari with
      and install "Jailbreak App Icons Fix" package (Cydia repo)
  • For jailbreak option (on iOS 8.4.1 downgrades only):
    • Stashing is already enabled and
      is removed from
      , so no need to install "Stashing for #etasonJB" package
    • To fix LaunchDaemons not loading on startup, install "Infigo" package (Cydia repo)
    • Warning: If your device bootloops with EtasonJB, it may not work with the jailbreak option as well! (I think this applies to some but not all 8942/8945 users) If this happens, bootloop protection will trigger and you won't be able to open Cydia

Tools and other stuff used by this script:

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