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A simple interface to instantiate Reinforcement Learning environments with SUMO for Traffic Signal Control. Compatible with Gym Env from OpenAI and MultiAgentEnv from RLlib.

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SUMO-RL provides a simple interface to instantiate Reinforcement Learning environments with SUMO for Traffic Signal Control.

The main class SumoEnvironment inherits MultiAgentEnv from RLlib.
If instantiated with parameter 'single-agent=True', it behaves like a regular Gym Env from OpenAI.
TrafficSignal is responsible for retrieving information and actuating on traffic lights using TraCI API.

Goals of this repository: - Provide a simple interface to work with Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control using SUMO - Support Multiagent RL - Compatibility with gym.Env and popular RL libraries such as stable-baselines3 and RLlib - Easy customisation: state and reward definitions are easily modifiable


Install SUMO latest version:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sumo/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sumo sumo-tools sumo-doc 

Don't forget to set SUMOHOME variable (default sumo installation path is /usr/share/sumo) ``` echo 'export SUMOHOME="/usr/share/sumo"' >> ~/.bashrc source ~/.bashrc ```

Install SUMO-RL

Stable release version is available through pip

pip install sumo-rl

Alternatively you can install using the latest (unreleased) version

git clone
cd sumo-rl
pip install -e .


Check experiments to see how to instantiate a SumoEnvironment and use it with your RL algorithm.

Q-learning in a one-way single intersection:

python3 experiments/ 

RLlib A3C multiagent in a 4x4 grid:

python3 experiments/

stable-baselines3 DQN in a 2-way single intersection:

python3 experiments/

Plotting results:

python3 outputs/ -f outputs/2way-single-intersection/a3c 

alt text


If you use this repository in your research, please cite:

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