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图片浏览器(本地和网络) ,视频浏览器 (本地和网络), 无耦合性,自定义控件,资源路径保存和获取, 完美适配 iPhone 以及 iPad ,屏幕旋转功能.

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most like photo or video browser of
in China

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| DESCRIPTION | STATUS| | ------------- | ------------ | | Base on UIViewController |       √ | | Adapt for rotate of the screen |       √ | | Adapt for

|       √ | | Locate and net image and gif image |       √ | | Locate and net video |       √ | | PanGesture to dismiss or cancel [API] |       √ | | Prefetch image, max is 8 [API] |       √ | | Video player auto play [API] |       √ | | Video player times speed play [API] |       √ | | Video player support play online(no cache,no download) [API] |       √ | | Video player support play after download(it will search next time) [API] |       √ | | Show custom view on PhotoBrowser [API] |       √ | | Show custom view on PhotoBrowser, and set animated following photoBrowser [API] |       √ | | Before the photoBrowser show, all image control can be custom [API] |       √ | | All operation though the delegate [Delegate] |       √ |

1.Before use, you need to know

  • 1.depend
    , if need locate gif image, depend
  • 2.image and video play is ready for use
  • image or video is ready for use
  • 4.custom control as you wish
  • manager image or video of download is finished

2.How to use

(1).init base params

// 1.make every control as an object, put it into an array
KNPhotoItems *items = [[KNPhotoItems alloc] init];
items.url = @"http://xxxxxxxx/xxx.png";
items.sourceView = imageView;
// if current url is video type
// items.isVideo = true;
// if current image is locate gif
// itemM.isLocateGif = true;
[self.itemsArr addObject:items];

(2).init PhotoBrowser

KNPhotoBrowser *photoBrowser = [[KNPhotoBrowser alloc] init];
photoBrowser.itemsArr = [self.itemsArr copy];
photoBrowser.currentIndex = tap.view.tag;

/// photoBrowser will present [photoBrowser present];

/// photoBrowser will dismiss /// [photoBrowser dismiss];

(3).function's describe of delegate

photoBrowser will dismiss
/// photoBrowser will dismiss with currentIndex
- (void)photoBrowser:(KNPhotoBrowser *)photoBrowser willDismissWithIndex:(NSInteger)index;
photoBrowser right button did click
/// photoBrowser right top button did click with currentIndex (you can custom you right button, but if you custom your right button, that you need implementate your target action)
- (void)photoBrowser:(KNPhotoBrowser *)photoBrowser rightBtnOperationActionWithIndex:(NSInteger)index;


(4).component of browser : KNPhotoItems

base params of items
/// if it is network image,  set `url` , do not set `sourceImage`
@property (nonatomic,copy  ) NSString *url;

/// if it is locate image, set sourceImage, do not set url @property (nonatomic,strong) UIImage *sourceImage;

/// sourceView is current control to show image or video. /// 1. if the sourceView is kind of UIImageView or UIButton , just only only only set the sourceView. /// 2. if the sourceView is the custom view , set the sourceView, but do not forget set sourceLinkArr && sourceLinkProperyName. @property (nonatomic,strong) UIView *sourceView;

custom source View (it is very nice)
@property (nonatomic,strong) NSArray *sourceLinkArr;

/** eg: if the lastObject is kind of UIImageView , the sourceLinkProperyName is image if the lastObject is kind of UIButton , the sourceLinkProperyName is currentBackgroundImage or currentImage */

/// the property'name of the sourceLinkArr lastObject @property (nonatomic,copy ) NSString *sourceLinkProperyName;

3.How to install

pod 'KNPhotoBrowser'

// terminal : cd ~(current path) pod install or pod update

5.By the way

  • if you get any idea, just contact me! Thanks

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