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📷 图片 || 视频 浏览器(本地和网络) , UIViewController + CollectionView , 完美适配 iPhone 以及 iPad ,屏幕旋转功能 , 适配SDWebImage 5.0

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most like photo or video browser of
in China
if you get any function to add, just contact me by E-mail. Welcome to Star

image image image image image

Update content

  • [x] photoBrowser has been coded by
  • [x] ready for
  • [x] perfect adapt for rotate of the Screen , try it on the real device
  • [x] panGesture to dismiss or cancel
  • [x] prefetch image with API
  • [x] locate and net GIF is ready use
  • [x] video player is ready to use( locate and net video)
  • [x] video swipe function is ready to use
  • [x] video player contain autoplay API
  • [x] video player add quick play API
  • [x] custom control on the photoBrowser
  • [x] custom is followed with photoBrowser to dismiss or show
  • [x] all alert or toast will be down by delegate function

1.Function describe and Point

  • 1.depend
    , if need locate gif, depend
  • 2.most like photoBrowser of Wechat and Weibo in China
  • 3.provide function which can delete and download image or video
  • 4.custom control as you wish

2.How to use

1.init KNPhotoBrowser, set params

// 1.make every control as an object, put it into an array
KNPhotoItems *items = [[KNPhotoItems alloc] init];
items.url = [urlArr[i] stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"thumbnail" withString:@"bmiddle"];
items.sourceView = imageView;
// if current url is video type
// items.isVideo = true;
// if current image is locate gif
// itemM.isLocateGif = true;
[self.itemsArr addObject:items];

2.present , custom control as you wish

KNPhotoBrowser *photoBrowser = [[KNPhotoBrowser alloc] init];
photoBrowser.itemsArr = [self.itemsArr copy];
photoBrowser.isNeedPageNumView = true;
photoBrowser.isNeedRightTopBtn = true;
photoBrowser.isNeedPictureLongPress = true;
photoBrowser.isNeedPanGesture = true;
photoBrowser.isNeedPrefetch = true;
photoBrowser.isNeedAutoPlay = true;
photoBrowser.currentIndex = tap.view.tag;
photoBrowser.delegate = self;
[photoBrowser present];

3.provide Delegate --> KNPhotoBrowserDelegate

 photoBrowser will dismiss
- (void)photoBrowserWillDismiss;

@optional /** photoBrowser right top button did click */

  • (void)photoBrowserRightOperationAction;

@optional /** photoBrowser Delete image success with relative index

@param index relative index */

  • (void)photoBrowserRightOperationDeleteImageSuccessWithRelativeIndex:(NSInteger)index;

@optional /** photoBrowser Delete image success with absolute index

@param index absolute index */

  • (void)photoBrowserRightOperationDeleteImageSuccessWithAbsoluteIndex:(NSInteger)index;

@optional /** is success or not of save picture

@param success is success */

  • (void)photoBrowserWriteToSavedPhotosAlbumStatus:(BOOL)success DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("use delegate function photoBrowserToast:photoBrower:photoItemRelative:photoItemAbsolute: instead");

@optional /** download video with progress @param progress current progress */

  • (void)photoBrowserDownloadVideoWithProgress:(CGFloat)progress;

@optional /** photoBrowser scroll to current index @param index current index */

  • (void)photoBrowserScrollToLocateWithIndex:(NSInteger)index;

@optional /// photoBrowser did long press /// @param photoBrowser photobrowser /// @param longPress long press gestureRecognizer

  • (void)photoBrowser:(KNPhotoBrowser *)photoBrowser longPress:(UILongPressGestureRecognizer *)longPress;

@optional /// download image or video success | failure | failure reason call back /// @param photoBrowser toast on photoBrower.view /// @param state state /// @param photoItemRe relative photoItem /// @param photoItemAb absolute photoItem

  • (void)photoBrowser:(KNPhotoBrowser *)photoBrowser
    photoItemRelative:(KNPhotoItems *)photoItemRe photoItemAbsolute:(KNPhotoItems *)photoItemAb;

@optional /** photoBrowser will layout subviews */

  • (void)photoBrowserWillLayoutSubviews;

4.provide function of dismiss

// maybe you never use it
[_photoBrowser dismiss];


 current select index
@property (nonatomic,assign) NSInteger  currentIndex;

/** contain KNPhotoItems : url && UIView */ @property (nonatomic,strong) NSArray *itemsArr;

/** Delegate */ @property (nonatomic,weak ) id delegate;

/** is or not need pageNumView , default is false */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedPageNumView;

/** is or not need pageControl , default is false (but if photobrowser contain video,then hidden) */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedPageControl;

/** is or not need RightTopBtn , default is false */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedRightTopBtn;

/** is or not need PictureLongPress , default is false */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedPictureLongPress;

/** is or not need prefetch image, maxCount is 8 (KNPhotoBrowserPch.h) */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedPrefetch;

/** is or not need pan Gesture, default is false */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedPanGesture;

/** is or not need auto play video, default is false */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedAutoPlay;

/** is or not need follow photoBrowser , default is false when touch photoBrowser, the customView will be hidden when you cancel, the customView will be showed when dismiss the photoBrowser immediately, the customView will be hidden immediately */ @property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isNeedFollowAnimated;

/** delete current photo or video */

  • (void)deletePhotoAndVideo;

/** download photo or video to Album, but it must be authed at first */

  • (void)downloadPhotoAndVideo;

/** player's rate immediately to use */

  • (void)setImmediatelyPlayerRate:(CGFloat)rate;

/** create custom view on the topView(photoBrowser controller's view) for example: create a scrollView on the photoBrowser controller's view, when photoBrowser has scrolled , you can use delegate's function to do something you think delegate's function: 'photoBrowserScrollToLocateWithIndex:(NSInteger)index' 'CustomViewController' in Demo, you can see it how to use @param customViewArr customViewArr @param animated need animated or not, with photoBrowser present @param followAnimated need animated or not for follow photoBrowser */

  • (void)createCustomViewArrOnTopView:(NSArray *)customViewArr

/** photoBrowser show */

  • (void)present;

/** photoBrowser dismiss */

  • (void)dismiss;

How to install

pod 'KNPhotoBrowser'

// terminal : cd ~(current path) pod install or pod update

By the way

  • 1.Currently, It just be used in nine picure ,scrollView, tableView , chat session for IM
  • 2.if you find any bug, just contact me, it will be perfect by each other
  • 3.perfect adapt
  • 4.perfect adapt the
    rotate of the Screen
  • 5.if you get any idea, just contact me! Thanks

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