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Pure Python 3 MTProto API Telegram client library, for bots too!

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⭐️ Thanks everyone who has starred the project, it means a lot!

|logo| Telethon is an asyncio_ Python 3 MTProto_ library to interact with Telegram_'s API as a user or through a bot account (bot API alternative).

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If you have code using Telethon before its 1.0 version, you must
read `Compatibility and Convenience`_ to learn how to migrate.

What is this?

Telegram is a popular messaging application. This library is meant to make it easy for you to write Python programs that can interact with Telegram. Think of it as a wrapper that has already done the heavy job for you, so you can focus on developing an application.


.. code-block:: sh

pip3 install telethon

Creating a client

.. code-block:: python

from telethon import TelegramClient, events, sync

These example values won't work. You must get your own api_id and

api_hash from, under API Development.

api_id = 12345 api_hash = '0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef'

client = TelegramClient('session_name', api_id, api_hash) client.start()

Doing stuff

.. code-block:: python


client.send_message('username', 'Hello! Talking to you from Telethon') client.send_file('username', '/home/myself/Pictures/holidays.jpg')

client.download_profile_photo('me') messages = client.get_messages('username') messages[0].download_media()

@client.on(events.NewMessage(pattern='(?i)hi|hello')) async def handler(event): await event.respond('Hey!')

Next steps

Do you like how Telethon looks? Check out

Read The Docs
_ for a more in-depth explanation, with examples, troubleshooting issues, and more useful information.

.. _asyncio: .. _MTProto: .. _Telegram: .. _Compatibility and Convenience: .. _Read The Docs:

.. |logo| image:: logo.svg :width: 24pt :height: 24pt

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