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WebKit-based status bar for tiling window managers.

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candybar - WebKit-based status bar for tiling window managers


candybar [-d] [-c config-file] [-h height] [-m monitor] [-p position] [-t theme-uri]


candybar displays a HTML-based status bar in a WebKit web view. It provides a smooth looking status bar with CSS transitions and effects, and the possibility of having a transparent background with effects without a desktop compositor running.

Screenshots are available on the[candybar wiki].


-d:: Enable debugging mode and display the WebKit inspector window on launch.

-c config-file:: Read configuration options from the specified config-file. config-file overrides CANDYBARCONFIGPATH and any system-wide and per-user configuration files. The file must exist and be valid JSON.

-h height:: Set the height of the status bar in pixels.

-m monitor:: Define which monitor the status bar appears on.

-p position:: Set the status bar position. Valid options are top and bottom.

-t theme-uri:: Set the URI for a theme HTML file. Must be a valid URI, i.e. local files must be prefixed with file://.

Window manager support

bspwm:: supported; requires bspwm to be configured to reserve space with bspc config toppadding 24_.

dwm:: supported; requires the dwm built-in bar to be enabled and set to the same position and height as candybar, candybar will be placed on top of the dwm bar.

i3:: supported; desktop support requires the desktopsi3_ widget to be enabled instead of the default desktops widget for desktop list support.

monsterwm:: supported

qtile:: supported; requires a recent version, support for desktop EWMH properties was implemented in qtile revision 02fd471.


~/.config/candybar/config.json:: Per-user configuration file. See candybar(5) for further details.

/etc/xdg/candybar/config.json:: System-wide configuration file. See candybar(5) for further details.


CANDYBARCONFIGPATH:: Full path of an alternate config.json file. This variable overrides any system-wide and per-user configuration files, but does not override the -c command-line argument. The file must exist and be valid JSON.


Kim Silkebækken [email protected]

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