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A riotjs isomorphic application

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Isomorphic Riot

An attempt for an isomorphic appliction using RiotJS 2. Includes: + ES6 code base using Babel transpiler and Browserify. With ES7 async/await (SystemJS example available in the 'systemjs' branch) + Shared routing code between client and server using Page.js and Page.JS-Express-Mapper. + Riot rendering on the server side using riot.render() and a custom template engine. + Server services powered by Feathers.js with Realtime WebSocket communication using Primus. + User authentication using Passport.js + NEW: Flux architecture with custom dispatcher/store classes, that can be instatinated per server request. Inspired by RiotControl and dispatchr + waitBeforeRendering - waits for events to occur before rendering the main tag + ES6 riot tag files without using the *.tag extension. + Support for Autoprefixer - Gulp tasks extract css from javascript tags, concatinate them and run postprocessing. + Gulp based tasks for running the node app using [gulp-live-server].

Note: The demo services have an intentional 1sec delay before responding, to illustrate the


npm install -g gulp
npm install
Then browse to http://localhost:3000

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