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A front-background project using ASP.NET Core WebApi and Vue.js

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This repo was created when I started learning ASP.NET Core Web API, after more than a year of training and experience in work, many things are not suitable anymore, so this project will no longer update any code. I will move all code into ingos-server repo which based on ddd thought, thanks for support~~~

这个项目是当时开始学习 ASP.NET Core Web API 时创建的,经过自己一年多的练手以及在工作中的使用经验,很多东西已经不太适合了,因此,这个项目将不再更新任何的代码。后续我会将所有的代码移动到 ingos-server 这个基于领域驱动思想构建的项目中,感谢大家的支持~~~

Grapefruit.VuCore | 中文

Grapefruit.VuCore is a front-background template project which built by ASP.NET Core and Vue.js.

The goal of this project is want to demonstrate the entire process of implementation about how to use ASP.NET Core Web Api and Vue.js to build a front-background project.

I will show you a series of articles about my coding journey for building this project, if you are interseted in it, you can follow me in the following websites.

PS: Currently only Chinese posts version, sorry for it.

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If you like it or this project helped you, I hope you can give a star for it. Thanks =^_^=

Environment Requirements

  • IDE
    • Visual Studio 2017: For ASP.NET Core Web API development, you can use Visual Studio Code to replace it.
    • Visual Studio Code: For front project development
  • Development Environment
    • .NET Core SDK: This project is built by .NET Core SDK version 2.1, make sure your development machine has installed .NET Core SDK which higher than 2.1 version.
    • MySQL Server/SQL Server: This project use MySQL Server 8.0 or SQL Server 2012 as project's database, you can chose one of it.
    • MongoDB: In this project I will store logs info in MongoDB.
    • Redis: In this project I use redis as a distributed caching tool.
    • Node.js: In this project I use Vue-CLI to build my front project and in front project developing we will use npm or yarn as our packages management tool, so you shoud make sure your development machine has installed Node.js version 8.9 or above.
    • Git: In this project I use git as a version control tool, if you do not want use it, you can not install it.

Technologies(To be determined)

  • Background Project Framework: ASP.NET Core 2.1 Web API
  • Front Project Framework: Vue.js(Created by Vue CLI)
  • ORM: Dapper
  • Object-Object Mapper: AutoMapper
  • Logging: Use NLog to store logs in MongoDB
  • Permission: Use Jwt token and claims-based authorization


The Grapefruit.VuCore was developed by Lanesra712 and under the MIT License.

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