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LFLiveKit is a opensource RTMP streaming SDK for iOS.


  • [x] Background recording
  • [x] Support horizontal vertical recording
  • [x] Support Beauty Face With GPUImage
  • [x] Support H264+AAC Hardware Encoding
  • [x] Drop frames on bad network
  • [x] Dynamic switching rate
  • [x] Audio configuration
  • [x] Video configuration
  • [x] RTMP Transport
  • [x] Switch camera position
  • [x] Audio Mute
  • [x] Support Send Buffer
  • [x] Support WaterMark
  • [x] Swift Support
  • [x] Support Single Video or Audio
  • [x] Support External input video or audio(Screen recording or Peripheral)
  • [ ] ~~FLV package and send~~


- iOS 7.0+
- Xcode 7.3



# To integrate LFLiveKit into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git' platform :ios, '7.0' pod 'LFLiveKit'

Then, run the following command:

$ pod install


1. Add `github "LaiFengiOS/LFLiveKit"` to your Cartfile.
2. Run `carthage update --platform ios` and add the framework to your project.
3. Import \.


1. Download all the files in the `LFLiveKit` subdirectory.
2. Add the source files to your Xcode project.
3. Link with required frameworks:
    * UIKit
    * Foundation
    * AVFoundation
    * VideoToolbox
    * AudioToolbox
    * libz
    * libstdc++

Usage example


- (LFLiveSession*)session {
    if (!_session) {
        _session = [[LFLiveSession alloc] initWithAudioConfiguration:[LFLiveAudioConfiguration defaultConfiguration] videoConfiguration:[LFLiveVideoConfiguration defaultConfiguration]];
        _session.preView = self;
        _session.delegate = self;
    return _session;

  • (void)startLive { LFLiveStreamInfo *streamInfo = [LFLiveStreamInfo new]; streamInfo.url = @"your server rtmp url"; [self.session startLive:streamInfo]; }

  • (void)stopLive { [self.session stopLive]; }

//MARK: - CallBack:

  • (void)liveSession:(nullable LFLiveSession *)session liveStateDidChange: (LFLiveState)state;
  • (void)liveSession:(nullable LFLiveSession )session debugInfo:(nullable LFLiveDebug)debugInfo;
  • (void)liveSession:(nullable LFLiveSession*)session errorCode:(LFLiveSocketErrorCode)errorCode;


// import LFLiveKit in [ProjectName]-Bridging-Header.h

//MARK: - Getters and Setters lazy var session: LFLiveSession = { let audioConfiguration = LFLiveAudioConfiguration.defaultConfiguration() let videoConfiguration = LFLiveVideoConfiguration.defaultConfigurationForQuality(LFLiveVideoQuality.Low3, landscape: false) let session = LFLiveSession(audioConfiguration: audioConfiguration, videoConfiguration: videoConfiguration)

session?.delegate = self
session?.preView = self.view
return session!


//MARK: - Event func startLive() -> Void { let stream = LFLiveStreamInfo() stream.url = "your server rtmp url"; session.startLive(stream) }

func stopLive() -> Void { session.stopLive() }

//MARK: - Callback func liveSession(session: LFLiveSession?, debugInfo: LFLiveDebug?) func liveSession(session: LFLiveSession?, errorCode: LFLiveSocketErrorCode) func liveSession(session: LFLiveSession?, liveStateDidChange state: LFLiveState) </lflivekit.h>

Release History

* 2.0.0
    * CHANGE: modify bugs,support ios7 live.
    * CHANGE: modify bugs,support swift import.
* 2.5 
    * CHANGE: modify bugs,support bitcode.


LFLiveKit is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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