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An Open Source Launcher & Updater for OpenRCT2

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OpenRCT2 Launcher

An Open Source Launcher & Updater for OpenRCT2

This is a new launcher for OpenRCT2. It's written in C++ using the Qt Framework and supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


To build this project, you need Qt 5. Note that Qt 4 will not work. You also need Zlib to compile and run this, but since Qt 5 is already dependent on it, the compiler will attempt to use the version that comes with Qt and fallback to a system-installed version if need be. Lastly, this project needs OpenSSL installed to communicate properly with the server.

For building on Windows, you should just grab the Official Qt 5 Installer. It will include Zlib, but not OpenSSL. There are no official pre-build binaries of OpenSSL, but there are some unofficial ones you can use.

For OS X, it is recommended that you install Qt5 with brew using

brew install qt5
. The other dependencies are included with OS X by default. It's recommended that you download and use Qt Creator as your IDE.

For Linux, search your distro's package manager for Qt5 (and OpenSSL if it's not already installed). If you're using Ubuntu, follow these instructions for getting Qt5 installed.

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