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.NET Stream Processing Library for Apache Kafka 🚀

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Streamiz Kafka .NET is .NET stream processing library for Apache Kafka.

It's allowed to develop .NET applications that transform input Kafka topics into output Kafka topics. It's supported .NET Standard 2.1.

So this library can be used by >= .NET Core 3.0 and/or .NET 5.0 applications.

It's a rewriting inspired by Kafka Streams. Finally it will provide the same functionality as Kafka Streams.

This project is being written. Thanks for you contribution !


  • June/July 2021 - 1.2.0 - Persistent state store (eg: RocksDB Store), Repartition and Changelog topics
  • End 2021 - 1.3.0 - Processor API, Metrics, Interactive Queries, Standby Replica


Read the full documentation on


Nuget packages are listed to

Install the last version with :

dotnet add package Streamiz.Kafka.Net


There, a sample streamiz application :

static async System.Threading.Tasks.Task Main(string[] args)
    var config = new StreamConfig();
    config.ApplicationId = "test-app";
    config.BootstrapServers = "";
    config.SaslMechanism = SaslMechanism.Plain;
    config.SaslUsername = "admin";
    config.SaslPassword = "admin";
    config.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocol.SaslPlaintext;
    config.AutoOffsetReset = AutoOffsetReset.Earliest;
    config.NumStreamThreads = 2;

StreamBuilder builder = new StreamBuilder();

var kstream = builder.Stream<string string>("stream");
var ktable = builder.Table("table", InMemory<string string>.As("table-store"));

kstream.Join<string string stringserdes>(ktable, (v, v1) =&gt; $"{v}-{v1}")

Topology t = builder.Build();
KafkaStream stream = new KafkaStream(t, config);

Console.CancelKeyPress += (o, e) =&gt; {

await stream.StartAsync();


TODO implementation

  • [X] Global state store
  • [X] Refactor Subtopology & StreamTask assignment
  • [X] Refactor Topology description for corresponding to java implementation
  • [X] Refactor Partition grouper + record queue
  • [X] Statefull processors impl
  • [ ] Transform and Through Processor
  • [ ] Supress Processor (.suppress(Suppressed.untilWindowCloses(Suppressed.BufferConfig.unbounded())))
  • [X] Rocks DB state implementation
  • [X] Changelog Topic
  • [ ] Task restoring
  • [ ] Repartition topic
  • [ ] Repartition Processor KAFKA-8611 | PR #7170
  • [ ] Processor API
  • [ ] Sample projects (Micro-services, console sample, topology implementation, etc ..) which use Streamiz package (see)
  • [X] Protobuf SerDes which interact Confluent Schema Registry
  • [ ] Json SerDes which interact Confluent Schema Registry
  • [ ] Optimizing Kafka Streams Topologies
  • [ ] Standby Replica
  • [ ] Interactive Queries
  • [ ] Metrics




Streamiz Kafka .Net is a community project. We invite your participation through issues and pull requests! You can peruse the contributing guidelines.

When adding or changing a service please add tests and documentations.


You can found support here

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