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Stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone

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Overkill for Mac

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Overkill is a simple, elegant Mac app, that runs in the background and makes sure iTunes never interrupts your work. And for those movie nights where you actually want to use iTunes, just click on

Pause Overkill
and enjoy the evening.

If you have other apps you don’t want to launch automatically (e.g. Photos app), you can add those apps to the Overkill list as well.

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Overkill for Mac


  • Runs silently in the background, and kills iTunes
  • Easily pause Overkill if you want to use iTunes
  • Support for both Dark and Light mode of the menu bar
  • Supports auto start
  • Supports any Mac app, e.g. add the Photos app to be killed also
  • No CPU usage, no polling, no analytics, just 300 lines of native Mac code


Just download Overkill from the link, double click the Overkill icon, and you’re good to go!

Also, you can install using Homebrew:

brew cask install overkill



Overkill for Mac is 100% open source under the MIT license.

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