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An Elixir library for the Discord API.

It is highly recommended to check out the documentation first. It includes all of the information listed here and more.


It is recommended to use a stable release by specifying a published version from Hex:

def deps do
  [{:nostrum, "~> 0.4"}]

For stable installations, documentation can be found at However, if you want the latest changes and help test the library, you can also install directly from GitHub:

def deps do
  [{:nostrum, github: "Kraigie/nostrum"}]

Documentation for master can be found at

Edit or create your config file at

. To run Nostrum you need the following two fields:
config :nostrum,
  token: "666" # The token of your bot as a string

For more information about the differences between dev and stable as well as additional config parameters, please see the documentation.

Example Usage

The below module needs to be started in some fashion to capture events. See here for a full example.

defmodule ExampleConsumer do
  use Nostrum.Consumer

alias Nostrum.Api

def start_link do Consumer.start_link(MODULE) end

def handle_event({:MESSAGE_CREATE, msg, _ws_state}) do case msg.content do "ping!" -> Api.create_message(msg.channel_id, "I copy and pasted this code") _ -> :ignore end end

Default event handler, if you don't include this, your consumer WILL crash if

you don't have a method definition for each event type.

def handle_event(_event) do :noop end end

Although it's recommended to run under a supervisor, you could start it from

  iex()> ExampleConsumer.start
  {:ok, #PID<0.208.0>}

Getting Help

If you need help, visit

on the unofficial Discord API guild!

Discord API



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