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The Awesome Document Factory

WeasyPrint is a smart solution helping web developers to create PDF documents. It turns simple HTML pages into gorgeous statistical reports, invoices, tickets…

From a technical point of view, WeasyPrint is a visual rendering engine for HTML and CSS that can export to PDF and PNG. It aims to support web standards for printing. WeasyPrint is free software made available under a BSD license.

It is based on various libraries but not on a full rendering engine like WebKit or Gecko. The CSS layout engine is written in Python, designed for pagination, and meant to be easy to hack on.

  • Free software: BSD license
  • For Python 3.6+, tested on CPython and PyPy
  • Documentation: https://weasyprint.readthedocs.io
  • Examples: https://weasyprint.org/samples/
  • Changelog: https://github.com/Kozea/WeasyPrint/releases
  • Code, issues, tests: https://github.com/Kozea/WeasyPrint
  • Code of conduct: https://www.courtbouillon.org/code-of-conduct
  • Professional support: https://www.courtbouillon.org
  • Donation: https://opencollective.com/courtbouillon

WeasyPrint has been created and developed by Kozea (https://kozea.fr/). Professional support, maintenance and community management is provided by CourtBouillon (https://www.courtbouillon.org/).

Copyrights are retained by their contributors, no copyright assignment is required to contribute to WeasyPrint. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license, without any additional terms or conditions. For full authorship information, see the version control history.

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