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Edit the Among Us playerPrefs, gameHostOptions, playerStats and regionInfo files! Custom Host Settings, character customization and modified server selection!

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Edit the Among Us playerPrefs file (and now gameHostOptions!), allows for the changing of skins, pets, hats and even a secret/glitched color! Join the discord to share your profiles, make suggestions and many other things!

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About The Project

AUEditor Demo

AUEditor is an Among Us Config Editor that allows you to easily modify the config that is used by Among Us for your Outfits, Game Host Settings, Player Stats and Region Info (Server Selection).

If you upload a video showing or using this please give credit or atleast link this GitHub page!


( ) ####

Join the discord to share your outfits, make suggestions and many other things!

Video Showcase

  • 1.51 (Latest) by Koupah:
  • 1.51 by Discord Member:
  • 1.45 by Koupah:
  • 1.0 by Koupah:


Custom names that include "\", ")" or "[" will result in a "Banned from Room" message and you also cannot include "," in your name as it breaks the config file.
Names longer than 10 characters will also not work in online games, local play lets you make a lobby but I'm not sure if others can join.

1) Download the latest .jar from here. 2) Make sure to download the correct Java (JRE) for your operating system from here. (You require atleast Java 7+)
3) Run the .jar you downloaded in Step 1 4) Modify your settings to what you please!

If you don't understand, watch one of these Video Tutorials.

NOTE: You need to relaunch/have your game closed when using this! The game only seems to read settings on launch, so use this then launch your game!

Secret/Glitched Color

The secret color is a lighter version of the dark green, in lobbies chat normally won't work, you can't customize your character. People also see your name as "???".
In game, your dead body will be red, in meetings you'll be red and in chat you'll be red. Therefore there can be 3 greens and 2 reds, and I believe if multiple people have a different color value above 12, there can be multiple glitched greens (Untested).

This glitched color is referenced in this wiki page


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (
    git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature
  3. Commit your Changes (
    git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature'
  4. Push to the Branch (
    git push origin feature/AmazingFeature
  5. Open a Pull Request


Distributed under the MIT License. See

for more information.


Discord: Koupah#5129

Among Us Editor Discord Server:


  • Slymeball - Helped me bring support to Mac/Linux via his issues.
  • camas - Created the playerPrefs index table

I've only acknowledged GitHub users who have helped me out, discord members who have helped me have the contributor role

Information about Among Us config files ##

Indexes of playerPrefs file |Index|Name used by Among Us|Type|Comment| |--|--|--|--| |0|lastPlayerName|String|| |1|touchConfig|int|Controls 0 Mouse, 1 Mouse and Keyboard| |2|colorConfig|uint|0-11, 12+ for Fortegreen ~~glitched~~ color| |3|ignored unknown||Default

| |4|ignored sendName|bool|Default
| |5|ignored sendTelemetry|bool|Default
| |6|ignored sendDataScreen|bool|Default
| |7|showAdsScreen|bit flags|Personalized
, NonPersonalized
, Accepted
, Purchased
| |8|showMinPlayerWarning|bool|| |9|showOnlineHelp|bool|| |10|lastHat|uint|0 to like 94| |11|sfxVolume|byte|0-255| |12|musicVolume|byte|0-255| |13|joyStickSize|float|0.5, 1, 1.5| |14|lastGameStart|long|Ticks since last game started. Used to check if left game too early| |15|lastSkin|uint|0-15| |16|lastPet|uint|0-11| |17|censorChat|bool|| |18|lastLanguage|uint|0-4, 0: English, 1: Spanish, 2: Portuguese, 3: Korean, 4: Russian| |19|vsync|bool||

Indexes of gameHostOptions file |Byte offset/range|Name of setting displayed in Among Us|Type|Value from Recommended Settings|Value shown in Among Us|Comments| |--|--|--|--|--|--| |0x0|||||| |0x1|Max Players|8 bit value|

or 10|10|| |0x2-0x3|Language|16 bit value?|
00 01
00 01
for English,
02 00
for Spanish,
04 00
for Korean,
08 00
for Russian,
10 00
for Portuguese,
20 00
for Arabic,
40 00
for Filipino/Tagalog,
80 00
for Polish,
01 00
for Other| |0x4-0x5||Unknown|
00 00
||| |0x6|Map|8 bit value|0|The Skeld/Mira HQ/Polus|0 for The Skeld, 1 for Mira HQ, 2 for Polus| |0x7-0xA or 7-10|Player Speed|Float 32 bit|
00 00 80 3F
or 1.0|1.0x|All values are in Little Endian.| |0xB-0xE or 11-14|Crewmate Vision|Float 32 bit|
00 00 80 3F
or 1.0|1.0x|| |0xF-0x12 or 15-18|Impostor Vision|Float 32 bit|
00 00 C0 3F
or 1.5|1.5x|| |0x13-0x16 or 19-22|Kill Cooldown|Float 32 bit|
00 00 34 42
or 45.0|45.0s|| |0x17 or 23|# Common Tasks|8 bit value|
or 1|1|| |0x18 or 24|# Long Tasks|8 bit value|
or 1|1|| |0x19 or 25|# Short Tasks|8 bit value|
or 2|2|| |0x1A or 26|# Emergency Meetings|8 bit value|01 or 1|1|| |0x1B-0x1D or 27-29||Unknown|
00 00 00
||| |0x1E or 30|Impostors|8 bit value|
or 2|2|| |0x1F or 31|Kill Distance|8 bit value|
or 1|Medium|0 for short, 1 for medium, and 2 for long.| |0x20 or 32|Discussion Time|8 bit value|
or 15|15s|| |0x21-0x23 or 33-35||Unknown|
00 00 00
||| |0x24-0x25 or 36-37|Voting Time|16 bit value|
78 00
or 120|120s|| |0x26-0x27 or 38-39||Unknown|
00 00
||Maybe Voting Time is a 32 bit value.| |0x28 or 40|Recommended Settings|8 bit value|
or 1|A checked checkbox|01 for true, 00 for false| |0x29 or 41|Emergency Cooldown|8 bit value|
or 15|15s|| |0x2A or 42|Confirm Ejects|8 bit value|
or 1|A checked checkbox|01 for true, 00 for false| |0x2B or 43|Visual Tasks|8 bit value|
or 1|A checked checkbox|01 for true, 00 for false| |0x2C or 44|Anonymous Votes|8 bit value|
or 0|A checked checkbox|01 for true, 00 for false| |0x2D or 45|Task Bar Updates|8 bit value|
or 1|A checked checkbox|0 for always, 1 for meetings, 2 for never|

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