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A curated list of awesome Kotlin related stuff Inspired by awesome-java.

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Awesome Kotlin (

A curated list of awesome Kotlin related stuff inspired by awesome-java. :octocat:

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Kotlin JavaScript

Kotlin Native

Kotlin User Groups

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Dependency Injection Back ⇈

Coroutines Back ⇈

Functional Programming Back ⇈

JSON Back ⇈

Database Back ⇈

  • s4kibs4mi/PultusORM - PultusORM is a sqlite ORM library for kotlin on top of sqlite jdbc driver.
  • Ganet/rxaerospike - RxJava2 wrapper for aerospike-client-java.
  • darkredz/zeko-sql-builder - Zeko SQL Builder is a high-performance lightweight SQL query library with optional data access through HikariCP & Vert.x JDBC client
  • shyiko/levelkt - LevelDB client for Kotlin and/or Java 8+.
  • SubiyaCryolite/jds - Jenesis Data Store: a dynamic, cross platform, high performance, ORM data-mapper. Designed to assist in rapid development and data mining.
  • KotlinPorts/kt-postgresql-async - Kotlin/Gradle port of mauricio's async driver for postgres/mysql.
  • pm-dev/kotlin-gremlin-ogm - Kotlin-gremlin-ogm is a type-safe object/graph mapping library for Gremlin enabled graph databases.
  • fluidsonic/fluid-mongo - Coroutine support for MongoDB built on top of the official Reactive Streams Java Driver
  • seratch/kotliquery - A handy database access library in Kotlin.
  • TouK/krush - Idiomatic persistence layer for Kotlin, based on Exposed. It’s based on a compile-time JPA annotation processor that generates Exposed DSL table and objects mappings from your data classes.
  • consoleau/kotlin-jpa-specification-dsl - This library provides a fluent DSL for querying spring data JPA repositories using spring data Specifications.
  • x2bool/kuery - Typesafe SQL with Kotlin.
  • andrewoma/kwery - Kwery is an SQL library for Kotlin.
  • cheptsov/kotlin-nosql - NoSQL database query and access library for Kotlin.
  • Litote/kmongo - KMongo - Kotlin toolkit for Mongo
  • dizitart/nitrite-database - Potassium Nitrite is a kotlin extension of nitrite database, an open source nosql embedded document store with mongodb like api.
  • vincentlauvlwj/Ktorm - A lightweight and efficient ORM Framework for Kotlin. It provides strong typed and flexible SQL DSL and many convenient extension functions to reduce our duplicated effort on database operations.
  • jasync-sql/jasync-sql - Kotlin port of mauricio's async driver for postgres/mysql.
  • ebean-orm/ebean - Ebean is a Java & Kotlin ORM including type safe kotlin queries
  • requery/requery - Modern SQL based query & persistence for Java/Kotlin/Android.
  • square/sqldelight - Generates Java models from CREATE TABLE statements.
  • jankotek/mapdb - MapDB provides concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off-heap-memory. It is a fast and easy to use embedded Java database engine.
  • JetBrains/Exposed - Exposed is a prototype for a lightweight SQL library written over JDBC driver for Kotlin language.
  • Raizlabs/DBFlow - A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you.

Tools Back ⇈

Continuous Integration Back ⇈

  • danger/kotlin - Stop saying "you forgot to …" in code review in Kotlin

Code Generators Back ⇈

Desktop Back ⇈

Http Clients Back ⇈

Editors Back ⇈

Syntax Highlighters Back ⇈

Game Development Back ⇈

  • zeganstyl/thelema-engine - Crossplatform 3d graphics engine on Kotlin, based on LibGDX's sources.
  • vassilibykov/AdventKT - A Kotlin-based DSL for text adventures, with a partial replica of the classic Colossal Cave as an example.
  • icela/FriceEngine - Make game developing easy again!
  • Hexworks/zircon - An extensible text GUI library which targets multiple platforms and designed specifically for game developers, written in Kotlin.
  • korlibs/KorGE - Modern Multiplatform Game Engine for Kotlin. Write games for the JVM, JavaScript, Android and iOS in no time using Kotlin.
  • libktx/ktx - Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications.
  • AlmasB/FXGL - JavaFX 8 Game Library written in Java + Kotlin

Misc Back ⇈

Raspberry Pi Back ⇈

Multiplatform Back ⇈

Extensions Back ⇈

Configuration Back ⇈

  • daviddenton/configur8 - A Kotlin port of Configur8 - A Type Safe Configuration API for Kotlin, extendable to user-defined types.
  • ufoscout/properlty - Simple configuration library with placeholders resolution and zero magic!
  • mariomac/kaconf - KickAss Configuration. An annotation-based configuration system for Java and Kotlin
  • jdiazcano/cfg4k - Flexible and easy to use config library written in kotlin.
  • config4k/config4k - A Kotlin wrapper for Typesafe Config
  • uchuhimo/konf - A type-safe cascading configuration library for Kotlin/Java, supporting most configuration formats
  • npryce/konfig - A Type Safe Configuration API for Kotlin
  • sksamuel/hoplite - A library for loading configuration files into typesafe Kotlin data classes in a boilerplate-free way

Graphics Back ⇈

Data Science Back ⇈

Command Line Interface Back ⇈

  • aPureBase/arkenv - Fully fledged command line arguments / environment variables parser via simple Kotlin delegates
  • leprosus/kotlin-cli - Kotlin-CLI - command line interface options parser for Kotlin.
  • jimschubert/kopper - A simple Kotlin option parser
  • ajalt/mordant - Mordant - Full-featured text styling for Kotlin command line applications.
  • xenomachina/kotlin-argparser - Easy to use and concise yet powerful and robust command line argument parsing for Kotlin.
  • ajalt/clikt - Clikt - Intuitive command line interface parsing for Kotlin.

Browsers Back ⇈

Projects Back ⇈

Web Back ⇈

Build tools Back ⇈

Misc Back ⇈

Desktop Back ⇈

  • ice1000/Dekoder - A kotlin music player, materially designed.
  • ruslanys/vkmusic - JavaFX and Spring-Boot based application for grabbing music from

Examples Back ⇈

Idea Plugins Back ⇈

Android Back ⇈

Libraries Back ⇈

Frameworks Back ⇈

  • hpost/rx-mvi - Minimal framework for Model View Intent inspired Android applications written in Kotlin.
  • lightningkite/kotlin-core - A full framework for making Android apps. Based on Anko and Kotson.
  • Miha-x64/Lychee - Data binding and persistence infrastructure for building Android and JavaFX UIs and binding them with data
  • codenameone/CodenameOne - Open source cross platform mobile development framework that offers write once run anywhere native development for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows & more using Kotlin & Java
  • LouisCAD/Splitties - A family of small Kotlin libraries for delightful Android development including View DSLs
  • nekocode/kotgo - An android development framwork on kotlin using MVP architecture.

Projects Back ⇈

Extensions Back ⇈

Tools Back ⇈

  • kiruto/debug-bottle - Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language.
  • didi/booster - Booster is an optimization toolkit for Android applications

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Kotlin JavaScript Back ⇈

JavaScript Back ⇈

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Kotlin Native Back ⇈

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