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PostgreSQL plugin for Dokku

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PostgreSQL plugin for Dokku


Warning: This plugin is under development and still only tested with the below dependencies


  • Docker version
    or higher
  • Dokku version
    or higher


cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone postgresql
dokku plugins-install


$ dokku help
    postgresql:console                         Open a PostgreSQL console
    postgresql:create                          Create a PostgreSQL container
    postgresql:delete                          Delete specified PostgreSQL container
    postgresql:dump  > dump_file.sql           Dump database data
    postgresql:info                            Display database informations
    postgresql:link                       Link an app to a PostgreSQL database
    postgresql:list                                Display list of PostgreSQL containers
    postgresql:logs                            Display last logs from PostgreSQL container
    postgresql:restore  < dump_file.sql        Restore database data from a previous dump

Simple usage

Create a new DB: ``` $ dokku postgresql:create foo # Server side $ ssh [email protected] postgresql:create foo # Client side

-----> PostgreSQL container created: postgresql/foo

   User: 'root'
   Password: 'RDSBYlUrOYMtndKb'
   Database: 'db'
   Public port: 49187
Deploy your app with the same name (client side):

$ git remote add dokku [email protected]:foo $ git push dokku master

Link your app to the database
dokku postgresql:link app_name database_name

Advanced usage

Inititalize the database with SQL statements:

cat init.sql | dokku postgresql:create foo

Open a PostgreSQL console for specified database:

dokku postgresql:console foo

Deleting databases:

dokku postgresql:delete foo

Linking an app to a specific database:

dokku postgresql:link foo bar

PostgreSQL logs (per database):

dokku postgresql:logs foo

Database information:

dokku postgresql:info foo

List of containers:

dokku postgresql:list

Dump a database:

dokku postgresql:dump foo > foo.sql

Restore a database:

dokku postgresql:restore foo < foo.sql

In case Dokku says

pg_dump not found
when dumping or restoring database:
sudo apt-get install postgresql-client-9.3

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