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ParaView Glance is an open-source web application developed at Kitware for visualizing volumetric images, molecular structures, geometric objects, and point clouds. It is part of the ParaView platform and can serve as a foundation for building custom web-based visualization applications involving ITK.js and VTK.js.

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ParaView Glance


ParaView Glance is an open-source, javascript visualization application created by Kitware, based on Visualization Toolkit (VTK), and intended to serve as a light-weight companion to Paraview. It is part of the ParaView Web suite of tools.

Learning Resources

Live Demonstrations

As a javascript application, ParaView Glance can be run by pointing any browser at an appropriate URL or loading an HTML file.

Because of ParaView Glance's ease of distribution, the stable and nightly releases of the code on github can be run by visiting the appropriate web page:

Visit these URLs to run the stable and nightly release of ParaView Glance.


The prerequisites are git and node.js + npm.

If you wish to view, enhance, or adapt this application in any way, you can access and run the freely available source code from any platform using the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd paraview-glance/
$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ npm run dev

This will run a development build and you can visit the application at


Deploying to Production

To generate a production build, use the following commands:

$ npm run build:release

This will output the final bundle and assets to

. You can then recursively copy all of those files into the web location of your choice. As there is no server-side code involved, all you need is some web hosting!

If you make changes to any of the ITK filtering code under

, you should run the following command from the root folder. For more information, check out itk.js.
$ npx itk-js build itk/

Reporting Bugs and Making Contributions

If you have found a bug or have a suggestion for improving ParaView Glance:

  1. If you have source code to contribute, please fork the github repository into your own github account, create a branch with your changes, and then create a merge request with the main repo.

  2. If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please open an entry in the ParaView Glance Issue Tracker.


ParaView Glance is distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-clause License. See COPYRIGHT and LICENSE for details. For additional licenses, refer to ParaView Licenses.

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