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An elegant photo gallery. It will zoom from a thumb image and you can pan to dismiss it with cool animation.

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This repo has closed,just for testing the function of curve in animation

An elegant photo gallery. It will zoom from a thumb image and you can pan to dismiss it with cool animation.

The loading indicator component which I forked and customized is Here


pod 'KYElegantPhotoGallery', '~> 1.0.1'

What it can do

1.支持双击放大、pinch缩放 Double-Tap & pinch to zoom.

2.支持长微博滑动 Long image supported!

3.支持手势滑动dismiss Dismiss with pan gesture supported!

4.支持单击dismiss Single-tap to dismiss supported!


1.滑动时显示自定义PageControl,并且显示总页数和当前页数 Show a page control,with current page num and totality.

2.增加长按保存 Add long-press ges to SAVE image.

Propertys & Init method:

   @parm:  tappedImageView 当前点击的图片视图
   @parm:  imagesUrls   所有图片的URL链接
   @parm:  currentIndex 当前图片的序号,第一张图请传入1,第二张为2,以此类推...
-(id)initWithTappedImageView:(UIImageView *)tappedImageView andImageUrls:(NSMutableArray *)imagesUrls andInitialIndex:(NSInteger )currentIndex;

/* * @property 所有需要显示的UIImageView * */ @property(nonatomic,strong)NSMutableArray *imageViewArray;

-(void)dismissPhotoGalleryAnimated:(BOOL)animated; -(void)finishAsynDownload:(void(^)(void))finishAsynDownloadBlock;

How to use

    _photoGallery = [[KYPhotoGallery alloc]initWithTappedImageView:(UIImageView *)sender.view andImageUrls:self.bigImagesUrls andInitialIndex:sender.view.tag];
    _photoGallery.imageViewArray = self.imageViewArray;
    [_photoGallery finishAsynDownload:^{
        [self presentViewController:_photoGallery animated:NO completion:nil];

A brief intro of the pan-to-dismiss animation:

I use two quadratic functions(二次函数) to generate two factors:factorOfAngle & factorOfScale.

The factorOfAngle is the factor to make the view rotaton around the X axis,the factorOfScale of course is the factor to make view scale.And here are the graphs of factorOfAngle & factorOfScale blow.



Then,put it to

        CGFloat Y =MIN(SCROLLDISTANCE,MAX(0,ABS(transition.y)));

    CATransform3D t = CATransform3DIdentity;
    t.m34  = 1.0/-1000;
    t = CATransform3DRotate(t,factorOfAngle*(M_PI/5), transition.y>0?-1:1, 0, 0);
    t = CATransform3DScale(t, 1-factorOfScale*0.2, 1-factorOfScale*0.2, 0);
    currentPhoto.layer.transform = t;


This project is under MIT License. See LICENSE file for more information.

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