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Flutter Starter Kit - App Store Example

A starter kit for beginner learns with Bloc pattern, RxDart, sqflite, Fluro and Dio to architect a flutter project. This starter kit build an App Store app as a example

App Store Flutter Demo


  • Bloc Pattern
  • Navigate pages by Fluro
  • Local cache by using sqflite
  • Restful api call by using Dio
  • Database debugging (Android Only) by using flutter_stetho
  • Loading Network Image
  • Localization by using gen_lang and lang_table
  • Environment Variable & Project Config (Like App Name, Bundle Id) based on different project flavour (Development, Staging & Production)
  • Build pojo by using json_serializable
  • Update each list item instead of re-rendering whole list view when data set has changed on a list item
  • Hero animation
  • Show empty View when the list view is empty


  1. Follow flutter official setup guide to set up flutter environment
  2. Download flutter version 1.17.3

Remark: This starter kit support Flutter version - 1.17.3. It is because Flutter may have breaking change on latest version.

Run Config

  1. Click 'Edit Configuration'
  2. Create different run configs for flavours

Edit Config



Useful Command

Run flutterstarterkit

For development,

flutter run --flavor development -t lib/config/main_development.dart

For staging,

flutter run --flavor staging -t lib/config/main_staging.dart

For production,

flutter run --flavor production -t lib/config/main_production.dart

Generate json serialize and deserialize functions

flutter packages pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs


flutter packages pub run lang_table:generate --platform=airTable --input=https://api.airtable.com/v0/appZmh0WMg3y6APAg/example --api-key={YOUR API KEY} --target=Flutter


flutter packages pub run gen_lang:generate

Known Issues

Migration Guide

  • If you wanna to use this project as your project's base, please read migration guide


From other platform?

Learn Widget & Layout

Bloc Pattern

Json Serialization



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