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Coda Slider

A jQuery HTML Content Slider

Download Here

You can install with bower

bower install jquery-codaslider

How to Use

Install the slider in the footer.


Where the slider-id matches the id of the content, as follows:


Slide 1


Slide 2


Add as many panels as you like within the

One Panel:




Default Settings

                  autoHeight: true,
      autoHeightEaseDuration: 1500,
      autoHeightEaseFunction: "easeInOutExpo",
                   autoSlide: false,
         autoSliderDirection: 'right',
           autoSlideInterval: 7000,
           autoSlideControls: false,
          autoSlideStartText: 'Start',
           autoSlideStopText: 'Stop',
    autoSlideStopWhenClicked: true,
                  continuous: true,
               dynamicArrows: true,
      dynamicArrowsGraphical: false,
        dynamicArrowLeftText: "« left",
       dynamicArrowRightText: "right »",
                 dynamicTabs: true,
            dynamicTabsAlign: "center",
         dynamicTabsPosition: "top",
            firstPanelToLoad: 1,
          panelTitleSelector: "h2.title",
           slideEaseDuration: 1500,
           slideEaseFunction: "easeInOutExpo"

Cross Links

In order to control the slider from anywhere on the page, use the following code: (Note that this would control 2 sliders)

Tab 1

Auto Slide Controls

Use one or the other depending on whether autoSlide is enabled.



Submit bugs here

Maintained by Kevin Batdorf

Released under the GNU General Public License and the MIT License.

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