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:iphone: Platform and IDE agnostic starter project for building mobile apps with Ionic and TypeScript.

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Ionic/TypeScript Starter

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This is a sample project that I use as a starting point for developing new mobile applications. This starter project targets iOS, Android, Chrome (as an extension), and the web.

It uses the Ionic framework (version 1.x, built on AngularJS 1.x) which makes it possible to rapidly build apps that feel native.

The project is written primarily in TypeScript, which decreases development time and increases maintainability (with object oriented and type-safe code, compile-time checking, and IDE tooling such as refactoring and code completion).

This project is IDE and platform agnostic. I recommend using the free and lightweight Visual Studio Code editor, as it has superb support for TypeScript.

In-browser development and debugging is possible via the Chrome developer tools. When deployed to a physical device, the application runs in the Cordova application container.

If you are developing on Windows or Linux but want to compile and run your application on a remote OS X machine, you can use the built-in

gulp emulate-ios-remote


Documentation is available in the

directory, or online at the project website.

Quick Start

Install Node.js 4.4.0

All other dependencies are installed in the project directory via

. To use them, you must add
to your path

To begin, edit your path, clone the repository, install the node packages, and initialize the development environment.

$ PATH=$PATH:./node_modules/.bin
$ git clone
$ cd Ionic-TypeScript-Starter
$ npm install
$ gulp init

Your environment should now be ready for development! If you encounter errors, check out the full guide to getting started.

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