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Removes Claymore's 1-2% mining fee

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flakjacket ETH

Removes Claymore's 1-2% mining fee using Stratum Proxy. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 with Claymore 9.7 ETH.

How it works?

This proxy is placed between Claymore and Internet in order to catch mining fee packet and substituting the devfee address with your wallet address. The redirection are done on the fly and do not require stoping or relaunching the mining software.



Python 2.7 is required

Create a fake Wan Network

Follow this guide for Windows

NB: DNS redirection is not mandatory anymore (except for ETH-fork mining).


Run the proxy daemon first and pay attention to change the pool you use, you must specify here your real pool (here nanopool):

./ --local-host --local-port 8008 --remote-host --remote-port 9999 --wallet-address 0xB7716d5A768Bc0d5bc5c216cF2d85023a697D04D


optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -o REMOTEHOST, --remote-host REMOTEHOST Hostname of Stratum mining pool -p REMOTEPORT, --remote-port REMOTEPORT Port of Stratum mining pool -O LOCALHOST, --local-host LOCALHOST On which network interface listen for stratum miners. Use "localhost" for listening on internal IP only. -P LOCALPORT, --local-port LOCALPORT Port on which port listen for stratum miners. -w WALLETADDRESS, --wallet-address WALLETADDRESS Wallet address, may include rig name with "." or "/" separator ```

Run the mining software with the fake WAN IP

./ethdcrminer64 -epool ....

Known issues

  • Mining ETH-Fork coins is not fully supported.
  • Proxy is only compatible with ESM mode 0 & 1


  • Redirecting DevFee to your wallet
  • Detecting network outage
  • Minimal footprint
  • Detecting worker name separator
  • Custom worker name


What if i use other pool?

Claymore try to mine the fee on the same pool as you. So you have to change the pool server above by yours in the proxy arg.

Is it lightweight?

We try to reduce the footprint to the maximum, the stratum proxy daemon take up to 130MB RAM and few CPU resources. The power consumption is trivial.

How can i be 100% sure this is not a scam ?

This is an open source project, so you can read the source code and check it. BTW, don't hesitate to create pull requests if you see something broken.

Should i run the proxy on every mining station?

Yes, we recommand to install the proxy on every mining station. If you have a farm consider having a couple of dedicated computer (with good CPU and network).

Is it compatible with every currency?

This proxy was designed to be used with Claymore ETH version. If you are planning to mine ETH-like, you have to specify

-allcoins 1
in claymore and replace the host file with the right pool. Windows guide here Linux guide here Since Claymore 9.6 you are able to mine ETC more easily, use
-allcoins etc
arg in claymore (So you can skip the redirections guide above). DNS redirection is only needed when Claymore can't mine on the same pool as you. Zcash version in the futur?

Is it compatible with dual mode mining?

Yes, the claymore software take the fee from ETH mining only.

How to change the worker name ?

Spot and edit

variable. By default the worker name is rekt. The worker name is disabled for unknown pool.

How can I check if it works?

Read the window output (1 devfee per hour). You can also check your pool stats, but some pool ignore small mining time if it did not find a share. But it mines for you !

Claymore warns me something about local proxy...

Claymore check the pool's IP to avoid local proxies, if you have the warning make sure you followed this guide: Fake WAN For Windows

I detect a strange behaviour or reduced hashrate with untested claymore version

If you see something wrong with a new Claymore version, maybe the cheat has been detected and Claymore tries to punish us. If it's the case, tell us in the issue section with clues.

Contact & Issues

You can chat us on Gitter If you met an issue you can also post in the issue section.

Credit & Donations

Offer us a beer (or something healthier) The easiest way to make a donation is redirecting the devfee to our wallet for a few time. :-) Or you can still send a simple donation. - JuicyPasta - 0xfeE03fB214Dc0EeDc925687D3DC9cdaa1260e7EF - Drdada - 0xB7716d5A768Bc0d5bc5c216cF2d85023a697D04D (ethermine)

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