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This hacktoberfest project exists to help you submit your first Pull Request and welcome you to the world of open source!

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Your First Pull Request - Hacktoberfest

I created this project in the spirit of hacktoberfest so that you can do a very simple pull request and in the process you learn how to contribute to a project :smiley:

Note that this repository exists as a learning tool for new contributors to open-source, and pull requests to this won’t count toward Hacktoberfest! PR requests won't be accepted/merged.

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software. You have to register and make five pull requests to any github repo (including this one!) in the month of october. If you do that you get a tshirt :tshirt: and stickers for your laptop :computer: . Sounds interesting? Let's do it then!

Wait...what is github?!

I get it. You are new to this whole thing. But don't worry, here is a great guide to help you understand.

Contribution Guide

To Contribute in a proper way so that I can merge the pull request:

  1. Star the repo! :star:
  2. Fork it. (Important!) What is that?
  3. Edit the file.
  4. Copy the below code and replace with your github user name. Add after the last one in the file.

    * [yourusernamehere](
  5. Commit with a message. ( Or write "Wakanda Forever!")

    Long live our king Chadwick!
  6. Make a pull request. What is that?

  7. Done! Welcome to the dark side!

Due to large volumes of requests, it won't be possible to accept all the pull requests, but you get the idea.

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Happy Learning & Hacktoberfest :tada: :fireworks:


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