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GenericServices helps with building a service/application layer in a .NET based application using EF6.x

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GenericServices is a .NET class library to help build a service layer, i.e. a layer that acts as a facade/adapter between your database in the Data Layer and your User Interface or HTTP service in your Presentation Layer. It makes heavy use of Entity Framework 6 - EF6 and .NET 4.5's async/await commands. Its aim is to make the creation of the service layer simple while providing robust implementations of standard database access commands. GenericServices is an Open Source project under the MIT licence

GenericServices is now available on NuGet. See NuGet Package Page for more details.

The best documentation is a worked example

I have created two working examples that show how GenericServices can be used to produce a ASP.NET MVC web application with a html/razor front end.

1. SampleMvcWebApp web site

This is an introductory/basic web site using GenericServices based on an database containing blog post. It is an open-source project with source code available.

Read the site's introduction and the source code README page for more information.

2. SampleMvcWebAppComplex web site

This is an Advanced/Complex web site using GenericServices to provide a user interface to the AdventureWorks Lite 2012 database. This is NOT an open-source project, mainly because it uses the proprietary, paid-for library Kendo UI MVC. However the source is made available as it is a good reference source.

Read the site's introduction and the source code README page for more information.

Full documentation exists in the Wiki

The GenericServices Wiki has extensive information - see the Wiki sidebar for an index to the various parts.

The wiki documentation covers things the software doesn't explain, like Why GenericServices? and Architecture Overview. Well worth a look.

Other information

I have written a number of articles for the Simple-Talk web site, all of which are relevant to GenericServices as the code in all four articles came from the two demo sites.

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