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Example how to run a Caffe instance on EC2

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Trying to run Caffe on EC2

Complete instructions to configure an Ubuntu EC2 g-instance up to have Caffe and ffmpeg which is enough to create deep dream inception videos. These are my notes, take them for what they are.

Good for applying: * (haven't run this yet) * (this one's scripts need a bit of care)

To use: * Start an EC2 instance * A g instance such as g2.8xlarge instance (cheaper if you go for spot instances) * OS: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type - ami-5189a661 (Amazon's current offering) * Must go to instance details to make sure you have more storage (I used 64GB) * Follow the many steps in steps.txt

Example image

Credit to the original deep dream inception authors: * Alexander Mordvintsev * Christopher Olah * Mike Tyka *

To the Caffe project: * * BVLC AMI:

An alternative is a ready to go Docker image (I have not tested this): *

And to the authors of the referenced guides (credited where they are used in steps.txt).

See also: * *,-CUDA-7,-cuDNN) * (this one's scripts need a bit of care) * (this one was slow for me, and did not re-assemble frames in correct order) * * * * *

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