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A simple star rating view written in pure swift, lightweight but powerful.




  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 9
  • Swift 4.0


CocoaPods is the recommended way to add SwiftyStarRatingView to your project.

Add a pod entry for SwiftyStarRatingView to your Podfile.

    pod 'SwiftyStarRatingView'

Second, install SwiftyStarRatingView into your project:

    pod install


If you prefer to install SwiftyStarRatingView via Carthage include the following line in your Cartfile:

    github "jerrrr/SwiftyStarRatingView"


  1. Download the latest code version .
  2. Open your project in Xcode,drag the
    folder into your project. Make sure to select Copy items when asked if you extracted the code archive outside of your project.


Create a simple rating view:

    let starRatingView = SwiftyStarRatingView()

starRatingView.frame = CGRect(x: x, y: y, width: width, height: height)

starRatingView.maximumValue = 5         //default is 5
starRatingView.minimumValue = 0         //default is 0
starRatingView.value = 3                //default is 0

starRatingView.tintColor = UIColor.yellow

starRatingView.addTarget(self, action: #selector(function), for: .valueChanged)


Setting this property to control whether to display a half stars:

    starRatingView.allowsHalfStars = true   //default is true
        starRatingView.value = 3.5      //default is 0

Whether accurate display:

    starRatingView.accurateHalfStars = true //default is true

Always callback or just stop touch:

    starRatingView.continuous = true        //default is true

Use custom image:

    starRatingView.halfStarImage = UIImage(named: "half.png")
    starRatingView.emptyStarImage = UIImage(named: "empty.png")
        starRatingView.filledStarImage = UIImage(named: "filled.png")

StoryBoard or XIB:

also works great with Auto Layout, you can use it in StoryBoard or XIB.


If you wish to contact me, email at: [email protected]

Sina : @后知后觉乀


SwiftyStarRatingView is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. See LICENSE for details.

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