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The library is working for downloading video while playing the video, the video contains M3U8/MP4

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The library is working for downloading video while playing the video, the video contains M3U8/MP4

Developer documentation is here, Click it

You can refer to the technical documentation:

Use the library:
``` allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url '' } } }

dependencies { implementation 'com.github.JeffMony:MediaSDK:2.0.0' } ```

The Core functions of the project

  • Cache management, LRU
  • Video downloading management
  • Local proxy management
  • Display downloading speed
  • Display the video cache's size
  • Support the video's downloading while playing the video, M3U8/MP4 video

The project's architecture is as follows:

Developer documentation


File file = LocalProxyUtils.getVideoCacheDir(this);
if (!file.exists()) {
LocalProxyConfig config = new VideoDownloadManager.Build(this)
    .setTimeOut(DownloadConstants.READ_TIMEOUT, DownloadConstants.CONN_TIMEOUT, DownloadConstants.SOCKET_TIMEOUT)

1.setCacheRoot The cache path; 2.setUrlRedirect Support request's redirect; 3.setCacheSize Set cache size; 4.setTimeOut Set request's timeout; 5.setPort Set the local proxy server's port; 6.setIgnoreAllCertErrors Support the certificate;

2.The local proxy server's switch

PlayerAttributes attributes = new PlayerAttributes();

3.Set the listener

mPlayer.startLocalProxy(mUrl, null);

private IPlayer.OnLocalProxyCacheListener mOnLocalProxyCacheListener = new IPlayer.OnLocalProxyCacheListener() { @Override public void onCacheReady(IPlayer mp, String proxyUrl) { LogUtils.w("onCacheReady proxyUrl = " + proxyUrl); Uri uri = Uri.parse(proxyUrl); try { mPlayer.setDataSource(PlayerActivity.this, uri); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); return; } mPlayer.setSurface(mSurface); mPlayer.setOnPreparedListener(mPreparedListener); mPlayer.setOnVideoSizeChangedListener(mVideoSizeChangeListener); mPlayer.prepareAsync(); }

public void onCacheProgressChanged(IPlayer mp, int percent, long cachedSize) {
    LogUtils.w("onCacheProgressChanged percent = " + percent);
    mPercent = percent;

public void onCacheSpeedChanged(String url, float cacheSpeed) {
    if (mPlayer != null && mPlayer.get() != null) {

public void onCacheFinished(String url) {
    LogUtils.i("onCacheFinished url="+url + ", player="+this);
    mIsCompleteCached = true;

public void onCacheForbidden(String url) {
    LogUtils.w("onCacheForbidden url="+url+", player="+this);
    mUseLocalProxy = false;
    if (mPlayer != null && mPlayer.get() != null) {

public void onCacheFailed(String url, Exception e) {
    LogUtils.w("onCacheFailed , player="+this);



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